Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots provide a range of entertainment for online casino players

By mr-casino on 2018-08-02 11:55:28

All online casinos have a very large selection of casino games and while the perennial favourites of roulette and blackjack are often played, the greatest choice is probably in the area of casino slots. Every online casino these days has a minimum of 100 casino slots and frequently more but sometimes the differences between all these is quite minimal. Most casino slots use five reels  and various patterns of winning lines and al have wild symbols and quite frequently free spins symbols and/or jackpot symbols. The biggest difference between all these casino slots is the symbols and sound track which follow a theme which means that you can choose your favourite pet such as dogs or cats or your favourite cartoon character or even musician such as Jimi Hendrix but the actual play of them all is still fairly standard but there are exceptions.

One of those which is much loved by people at is Gonzo’s Quest™ which is a casino slot brought to you by NetEnt casino software and can be found at All Irish casino and Fun Casino to name a couple. Unlike other casino slots this game has fifteen symbols which look like stone blocks which fits in well with the theme of the slot which is about Gonzo, an intrepid explorer in darkest Peru but in this case the blocks are not attached to reels but are all free to move independently from each other. The symbols themselves have a sort of Aztec theme which again fits well with the Peru bit. When a winning combination of blocks is achieved the blocks involved in that win literally explode in front of your eyes. This of course creates gaps so any blocks which were above the exploded ones will drop down to take their place and any missing from the top row will be replaced with new ones. AS this is happening a win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X so that if the new arrangement of blocks results in a new win then that win pays double. It does not stop there however as further successive wins can result in a payout of up to five times face value. While this is happening Gonzo himself is standing alongside taking a keen interest in what is going on and although he spends most of his time scratching his beard what he is really waiting for is a big win when he can join in the celebrations.

Big wins at casino slots are not uncommon and one of the ways to get that in Gonzo’s Quest™ is to trigger the free spins game. When this happens Gonzo springs to life and escorts you through to another game where all initial wins are automatically tripled but the win multiplier moves up to 15 times face value for successive wins. Free spins will invariably result in a large win which will cause gold coins to come cascading over the top of the screen and Gonzo will be there with his helmet off helping you gather them up. Gonzo doesn’t actually run off with any so don’t worry. really likes this idea of bringing additional fun to casino slots and this is pure entertainment value. Tis is a casino slot from NetEnt casino software who ar becoming well known for producing something a little bit different and another of theirs is Jack Hammer™. There are actually two Jack Hammer™ games but the original has a gangster theme and features the unique Sticky Wins™. This casino slot again features 15 independent symbols and the Stick Wins™ feature aromatically holds a winning combination and re-spins all remaining symbols. In this case there is no win multiplier but should the re-spin result in improving the original win, the process is repeated again and again until no further improvement is achieved after which the largest win is paid out. It is really good fun to watch a very modest win of three matching symbols turn into a large win with no intervention or additional funds being required. Once again the free spins game is the place to be for the really large wins as all wins are tripled.

If you are looking for casino slots that are really strange then try one called Birds on a Wire. CasinoLand is the only online casino has found that carries this casino slot but for humour it really is worth a look. The casino slot consists of a variety of birds sitting on high voltage wires but don’t worry, these birds bear no resemblance to any bird you have ever seen as some are clearly far too fat to fly and one of them  never leaves a rather large brown paper bag. The layout is typical of five rows of birds on three separate wires but when a winning combination of birds is triggered the wires become live resulting in the winning birds becoming electrocuted and disappearing in a puff of soot. The graphics are really very funny. Electrocuted birds are replaced by new ones and there is a win multiplier for successive wins. If you are a bird lover do not worry as the birds do not resemble any bird you ever seen or are likely to see.

Casino slots do come in many shapes and sizes and it is good to find some that do not fit the traditional mode. For the serious casino slots players who chase the really large progressive jackpots there is also plenty of choice at online casinos such as All Irish Casino. There are many players who realise that the chances of winning a huge jackpot are quite limited but if they do they are set for life. This is really not that different from taking part in National Lotteries and in Ireland we have plenty of those. Somebody has to win so why not you but strangely participating in a National Lottery is seen as a normal thing to do whereas chasing a progressive jackpot could be seen to be a waste of money until they win of course.