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Casino software for online casinos has progressed enormously

By mr-casino on 2018-05-02 08:23:58

Since the very beginning of online casinos the casino software which drives them has been developing quite rapidly as has everything to do with software in any application but interestingly enough as far as an online casino is concerned all the development has been in the area of casino slots. The casino software for casino games such as roulette and blackjack has hardly changed at all which is reasonable as those games are quite simple and the games themselves have not changed in centuries. Both of these casino games are quite easy for a random number generator as the choice of numbers for roulette is only 37 (38 on American Roulette) and 52 for blackjack so the more complicated part of the casino software is matching your bet or cards to the result. Casino slots on the other hand have advanced substantially. It seems difficult to believe that the early casino slots were replicas of the early fruit machines, if you are old enough to remember, and they were three reels and one winning line. Online casino slots with those features are still available but as far as knows it is only Amanet casino software which produces them. Amanet casino software which is from Amatic Industries is available on online casinos such as Fun Casino or All Irish Casino and one or two others which are featured on this site.

Casino slots then advanced to having nudges and five reels which were quite a revolution in the day but it was the coming of online casinos where the software enabled far more complicated casino slots to be developed which had multiple winning lines in all sorts of patterns and also included free spins and bonus symbols along with wilds which virtually all five reel slots have in modern online casinos. Possibly the latest development which seems to be on the increase is having symbols which are not on reels at all. This means that the fifteen symbols which were previously visible on five reels are now independent of each other which enables some unique play features such as Sticky Wins™ at the casino slot Jack Hammer™. This casino slot is also available at All Irish Casino and Fun Casino amongst others on the recommended list. The Sticky Wins™ feature us basically a hold feature but it is automatic so there is no decision to be made and what it holds are winning symbols. For example if you mange three winning symbols on one of the 25 winning lines those winning symbols will be held and the other 12 will be spun again. It is quite possible that this will result in one or more identical symbols appearing on winning lines thus increasing the win and if this is the case the Sticky Win™ feature repeats again and again until the win is no longer improved and then the highest win achieved is paid out. The real money is when the free spins are activated as in that mode all wins are tripled. It takes a minimum of five free spins symbols to trigger the free spins but the good thing is that the free spins symbols are also subject to the Sticky Wins™ feature so even an initial three free spins symbols can result in entering the free spins mode.  It is the casino software advances that have made casino slots this possible. There are more casino slots that use this type of casino software such as Gonzo’s Quest™ which is produced by the same NetEnt casino software.

Gonzo’s Quest works in the reverse of Jack Hammer™ in that the automatic hold applies to all symbols not involved in the initial win with those involved in the win being replaced. The casino software in this case however applies a win multiplier to subsequent wins so that a second win automatically pays double and a third pays triple with four in a row paying five times the regular payout plus wins are added together rather than only the largest win paying out. Gonzo’s Quest™ has more to recommend it than just this casino software feature as unusually the symbols are carved onto stone blocks and winning symbols simply explode with those above them dropping down to take their place. All of this is carefully watched by the intrepid explorer Gonzo himself as he waits for you to hit a large win so that he can celebrate with you. Getting into the free spins mode, which for some reason are called free falls in this casino slot, will get you the really big money as even a first win is tripled in value with subsequent wins having increasing multiples right up to a massive fifteen times for four consecutive wins.

These are just two examples of what modern casino software can do to add to the enjoyment of casino slots and online casino play. The graphics which casino software can deliver has also come on leaps and bounds over the years so instead of simple fruit symbols you can have virtually anything and many slots at online casinos have taken advantage of this to reproduce many of the Marvel comic characters as well as many of the more popular movies from the recent past. Even Game of Thrones™ puts in an appearance powered by MIcrogaming under the name of Quickfire. Thre is no need to change online casinos to pick up all of these titles as they can all be found at Fun Casino and All Irish Casino. You can even follow your favourite band such as Jimi Hemdrix or Guns n’ Roses where the music accompanying the slot is from the band. Casino slots will continue to develop thanks to the advancement in casino software but what the next big thing will we shall have to wait and see. will do its best to bring it to you as soon as possible whatever it is.