Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino software governs your enjoyment level

By mr-casino on 2016-06-29 13:57:04

Some online casinos look the same as other online casinos despite them competing with each other for your business and the reason is simply because they are using the same casino software. In the very beginning of internet gambling it may have been possible for an online casino to write their own casino software but as things have advanced it has become a very specialised business which would take far too much time for an individual online casino to do with the result that certain companies have given up having an online casino altogether and concentrate on creating the casino software for others. This in turn has allowed many online casinos to be created who can then buy, lease or rent casino software. There are far fewer casino software suppliers than there are online casinos so it is inevitable that some online casinos look the same and carry the same online casino games. This is most apparent in the area of casino slots where even the name of the slot is shared between several online casinos. This is however not always a bad thing and in fact when it comes to progressive jackpot slots it is a definite advantage to have more online casinos carrying the game. Huge jackpots which run into the millions of Euro are controlled by the casino software supplier that created and controls the slot. For each spin on that slot a miniscule amount is contributed to the jackpot regardless of at which online casino that spin was made. The more online casinos that are carrying the slot, the greater the number of spins in any given time frame and the faster the jackpot grows. This also explains to some extent, contrary to expectation, why your online casino is positively over the moon when one of their customers takes down one of these jackpots. The online casino where the winner was playing is not out of pocket at all as the casino software supplier pays the jackpot out of accumulated funds and yet they can advertise that one of their players won the jackpot thus hopefully encouraging other players to sign up and play.

The major players in the casino software market are, in no particular order Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt but there are others such as Amatic Industries who although smaller have some excellent casino slots games. Some online casinos choose to use exclusively one casino software supplier whilst others such as think the customer is better served by having a choice from a number of software suppliers. Casinoland uses casino software from Microgaming as well as NetEnt but combines these with great games from smaller software suppliers such as Play’n Go, NYX, Thunderstick and Quickspin. Thes e smaller casino software suppliers do not have the range of casino slots that the likes of Microgaming has but they still have some very interesting slots which have autoplay, as most do, but it is programmable to stop under certain conditions set by you such as when a balance has been reached or when a single win of a certain amount has been achieved. This is obviously designed for you to let the slot get on with it while you possibly play something else. One of the favourite casino software suppliers of is NetEnt as they bring something a little bit different which could appeal to Irish casino players such as Gonzo’s Quest™. This is a slot featuring an intrepid Peruvian explorer who is on the hunt for gold so a bit like other slots players really. The slot has a slightly Aztec feel about it and features fifteen blocks of stone with Aztec faces which drop independently rather than being on reels. The unique feature however is that when a winning combination of blocks is achieved those winning blocks explode and if there were any blocks above they drop down a layer with any vacant spaces at the top being replaced with new stones. At the same time a multiplier moves onto two so that if that reshuffle of stones results in another win then that is paid at double. This continues with successive wins up to five times pay. Watch out for Gonzo himself who seems to be a passive observer scratching his beard until a big win is triggered when he starts his dancing jig. Another couple of excellent casino slots from casino software supplier NetEnt are Jack Hammer ™ and Jack hammer 2™ which are very similar. This slot takes place in the gangster world of prohibition with appropriate symbols but here the interesting feature is called “sticky wins”. In a similar way to Gonzo’s stones all the symbols are independent but in this slot any winning symbols are held and the remaining symbols are spun again. If this results in a higher win then the process repeats itself again and again until no improved win is achieved and the highest win is paid out. All of this happens without any additional stake money being applied. This 99 winning lines casino slot from casino software supplier NetEnt also has wild features and free spins which is where the big money can be earned. Each casino software supplier has their own favourite slots and the large progressive jackpot slots are mostly run by Microgaming which as stated is available at but do not ignore the smaller players in the market as they have some great games. All Irish Casino is the online casino that seems to carry the most casino slots from Netent and it is certainly targeted at the Irish casino market. It is also a very friendly online casino and usually has some interesting promotions on the go but as these change on a daily basis you will need to keep visiting the site to see what is available. Amatic Industries casino software often goes for the more simple end of the slots market which many people actually prefer as they can understand what is going on which they think enhances their enjoyment. Variety is everything and there is plenty available at online casinos.