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Casino software is key to online casino experience

By mr-casino on 2012-05-31 12:34:50

Most online casino players will judge a casino by the games which are on offer and some will be convinced that they win more often at one casino or another but the truth is that it is the casino software that really determines whether a player enjoys the experience or not. Very few online casinos will actually try to write their own casino software programs as it has become a very specialised business although there are a number of companies that are well known in the industry and who compete for business. The better known ones in no particular order are Chartwell, Cryptologic, Microgaming, Netent and Playtech and these five control the majority of online casinos which is why you will find identical games and slots in a number of different online casinos although the online casino will place their own brand name on the site. When considering slots it helps that several online casinos use the same casino software as they can all contribute to the jackpots which build up much faster than they might otherwise do. If you wish to know more about any of these casino software companies we have a short description of each of them on our casino software page. It is very difficult to say that one casino software is better or worse than another as it depends a lot on the individual casino player’s preference and whether the player prefers instant casino play or download casino play but we do particularly like the graphics in use at Netent which is used at All Irish Casino. It is also not uncommon for an online casino to use different casino software for different parts of the casino site so for instance the casino slots might be from one casino software provider whilst casino games come from another. Whichever you choose, enjoy your online casino play.