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Casino software will affect your choice of online casino

By mr-casino on 2014-05-31 16:34:22

Every online casino player has their opinion of which online casino is best based on which casino games are available and how the site is laid out plus of course the graphics and sounds which are used but in reality it is not only the online casino that is being chosen as it is the casino software which the online casino is using that will at least partially affect your choice. The casino software business is in the hands of only a few companies and it is very rare indeed to find an online casino that writes their own software so the online casinos buy or lease the software from a specialised company which is why if you play at several online casinos you may find that they look remarkably similar. For example, two of the online casinos recommended for Irish casino players at namely No Bonus Casino and All Irish Casino have very similar if not identical casino games and the reason is that they both use the casino software from Net Entertainment or NetEnt for short which is one of the major players in the casino software market. Other major players in no particular order are Microgaming, Playtech, Chartwell and Cryptologic and it is almost certain that your chosen online casino will use one of these casino software packages. Another little known fact is that online casinos are very happy when one of their players hits a large slots jackpot as the online casino itself does not suffer any loss. This is because the casino software company that supplies the slots software actually looks after the jackpot money and it is accumulated by a very small contribution from each spin on every game which has the jackpot and every online casino that uses the casino software so in fact the ore online casinos that use the particular casino software, the quicker the jackpot will build.