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Casino table games are an alternative to casino slots

By mr-casino on 2017-08-27 13:02:30

Online casinos always have loads and loads of casino slots from which to choose and they are of course very popular but there are some great table games there as well which can be great fun and even a challenge. The most popular of all table games is probably roulette because it is very easy to play and a bit like casino slots is a simply question of luck. There is no skill required to play roulette and contrary to what some will say there is no advantage to be gained by knowing what has gone before. Believe that if there was any advantage to be gained the online casino would not provide the information. has a good variety of roulette games which include high and low stakes as well as French, European and American roulette. For Irish casino players the European version is almost certainly the best. The French version of roulette is basically the same as the European version but the layout of the table where you place your bets is slightly different and uses some French words but it is not that hard to work out. American roulette on the other hand is different and is probably the only one of many table games that would advice Irish casino players against playing.

The reason for this advice is that the American version of roulette uses two zeros ( a single and a double zero) which increases the number of possible outcomes to 38 instead of 37 in European and French roulette games. To anybody who has not played before this means that the chances of hitting a single number have decreased from one in 37 to one in 38 which is significant especially when the payout odds remain the same at 35 to one. What is even more significant however is that the zeros are neither odd nor even nor red nor black nor in any row or column which means that all those outside bets lose whenever a zero drops. By having two zeros the chances of this happening are doubled so avoid American roulette if you can. Apart from that roulette is a very simple game with ample betting opportunities. You can play a low risk low reward game by placing bets on red/black or odd/even or you can go for the big one at 35:1 on single numbers or anything in between. There are limits on the amount which can be placed but the best play is either to follow your favourite numbers or simply spread your money around the table and see what happens.

Another one of the online casino table games available at that requires no skill at all is Baccarat which might seem a little strange considering the reputation that Baccarat has as being a high rollers game. Baccarat is not that popular at online casinos but that is probably because many Irish casino players do not understand the game and have never been exposed to it. In truth however baccarat is simplicity itself as there are only three possible bets which are for either of the two hands to win or for the result to be draw. The two hands a generally called the banker and the player although as you can bet on either it does not matter what they are called. The banker does in theory have a better chance of winning so to counter this there is always a 5% reduction in the even money payout if that hand wins. A tie is a result which does not happen that frequently but when it does a winning bet pays out at 9:1. As previously stated there is no skill involved in Baccarat and you cannot even play one of the hands as the dealer plays both hands. This might seem very strange but fortunately the hands must be played according to very strict protocols which leave no room for manoeuvre by the dealer. The counting of the card values is a little strange at first but with a little reading you will soon get used to it.

Blackjack is another very popular casino table game available at and again there are various options of high and low stakes but the basic game is the same. does not agree with some of the descriptions about the object of the game as written by some who say that the object is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over or busting. The object of blackjack according to is to beat the dealer which can be achieved with a hand that is nowhere near 21. The important thing to remember about online casino blackjack is that both the player and the dealer have an equal chance of winning but the player always plays first and if they bust they lose regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer. If you follow the classic game play of drawing cards to 16 and standing on 17 or more you will go bust somewhere approaching 30% to 35% of the time when drawing cards but this is the strategy followed by the dealer which means that there is a chance of winning if the dealer is drawing cards and you are still in the game. The problem is of course knowing when the dealer will be drawing cards and your only clue to that is the card which is showing in the dealers hand. Nothing is certain in a table game of chance such as Blackjack but if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6 and you are holding 14, 15, 16 it might be worth considering standing to see what happens rather than simply busting and handing the win to the dealer.

There are loads of other casino games at online casinos that are not casino slots such as Red Dog Casinos Hold’em, Caribbean Stud and even Pontoon and they all have their charms so try something different for a change.