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Casino table games are a good alternative to casino slots

By mr-casino on 2019-02-06 08:44:18

Online casinos are great places for entertainment and many people have taken to playing at one or more of the casinos available to Irish casino players but many are possibly missing out by restricting their choice of casino games. The greatest number of casino games is in the casino slots and video slots sections and with so much choice it is easy to find a slot you like. The main attraction of casino slots is that it possible to win very large amounts with relatively modest stakes coupled with the fact that there is no skill involved; you simply place your stake and click the button. To some this does not seem very exciting as it does not feel like you are involved in the play whereas when playing table games you are always involved in some way even if the result is pure luck. Some of the slots have very large jackpots indeed often running into millions of Euro but in order to win these you will need to be playing for pretty large stakes. You are not going to win millions at an online casino slot by betting cents but there is a way around this which is quite commonly in use and that is progressive betting. Using this system the player starts off with small bets and if that creates profit then the bet size is increased in an attempt to increasing profits and if successful the bet size is increased once more. This strategy is very different from increasing your stake when losing in an attempt to recover losses which is very dangerous ploy as you can end up losing far more than was intended. Increasing stakes with winnings is very different as even if eventually losing costs no more than your original stake money.

This same method of play can also be used when playing table games such as Roulette or Blackjack. One of the reasons given for not playing these games is that to win big you need to be playing for big stakes. This is partially true although what constitutes winning big is very different to different people. Roulette for example does pay single number winners at 35:1 which is not a bad return. True though that Blackjack only has a maximum payout of 3:2 and that is for blackjack but balanced against that is that you will win far more frequently playing blackjack than when playing roulette on single numbers unless obviously you are backing half the board with single numbers. Online casino roulette is one of the more interesting table games as you are able to choose your risk versus reward strategy very easily. Backing a single number is high risk and high reward but backing red numbers or black numbers is very low risk but at even money it is not high reward. Note that although placing bets on red or black or odd or even which pay out at even money, they are not 50/50 bets. It is the zero which upsets the apple cart as it is neither odd nor even nor red nor black so all those bets lose. If you have read other articles by you will be aware that they advise never to play American roulette. The reason being that there are two zeros on the wheel which effectively doubles the chances of these outside bets losing. The variation in risk reward is achieved simply by placing bets on more numbers and the odds paid are directly proportional to the number of numbers bet on. For example if you place one bet on a single number which pays at 35:1 then you end up with 36 chips. Note that when playing online casino roulette a winning stake always remains on the table. If you want to bet on say 12 numbers in a column at one chip per number then you would place 12 chips on the column bet which pays at 2:1. This means a winning bet wins 24 chips but the bet of 12 chips remains which so you still end up with 36 chips. Roulette at online casinos has a few variations which have been invented by the online casinos but the original game is still by far the best.

Another table game to be considered is Blackjack which in essence is a very simple game but there are a few things you can consider to give you a better chance of winning. The idea of blackjack is often said to be to get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding that number but has a slightly different interpretation which says the idea of the game is to beat the dealer. The point to be made here is that the online casino dealer has to draw cards until they reach 17 or above and then must stand. If you follow this same game play yourself you will quickly find you that the hand busts on quite a few occasions which in turn means that the dealer hand will bust on quite a few occasions. Unfortunately if you have already played your hand and bust you have lost regardless of what happens to the dealer hand later. If, on the other hand, you are still in the game when the dealer hand busts you win. You do not need to be anywhere near 21 to win in this scenario, any number will do. The trick, therefore is to know when the dealer hand will bust and make sure that you are still in the hand by standing. That sounds easy but of course there is no way of knowing when the dealer hand will bust but there are signs that can be useful. In blackjack the dealer always has one card showing before you play your hand and if that card is a 5 or a 6 the chances of the hand busting are much higher. There are no guarantees as even blackjack is a casino game of chance but it is worth keeping your eyes open for every small advantage that can be gained.