Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Ireland has plenty of choice for an online casino

By mr-casino on 2019-01-29 14:01:40

It seems only five minutes ago that we were celebrating the arrival of 2019 but here we are nearly at the end of January which is also probably about the time all those wonderful New Year resolutions go out the window. But not to worry, enjoy life. Many of those resolutions will have been about drinking less or eating less but some will also have been about other enjoyable activities such as online casinos and many will have vowed to play more frequently or to try new casino games. One thing people in Ireland will not have promised themselves is to make an appearance at a casino Ireland does not have which is a great shame as land based casinos are great fun and even if you are not a real gambler, simply watching other people can be entertaining. Any casino, whether that is an online casino or brick and mortar casino brings out unusual reactions in people which can range from complete euphoria to enormous disappointment and everything in between but hopefully not despondency. The very large majority of casino players are very sensible and play well within their means treating gambling as just another form of entertainment which they expect will cost them money. The difference between most forms of entertainment and casinos, however, is that you just might end up making a profit.

Online casinos are no different except that of course it is not possible to watch other players to see what they are doing and how they react. Even at the live casino option offered by all online casinos these days there is still no way of seeing what other people are doing but at least there is a dealer. Leaving all that aside, playing at an online casino is a good alternative and for Irish casino players it is the only alternative and in some ways it is even better than a land based casino. This is particularly true in the area of casino slots where the choice and variety of games at online casinos is far greater than at any land based casino. Many online casinos have literally hundreds of casino slots to choose from depending on the casino software which they are using. It is actually the casino software company that develops the casino slots rather than the online casino itself and they then lease/sell/rent to the online casinos. Some online casinos such as use several casino software companies to provide casino slots which means that the range is even greater. On that subject is one of the few online casinos that use casino software from a company called Amatic Industries which have some very well known slots. The name Amatic is not familiar to many slots players but anybody who plays regularly in land based casinos will almost certainly have played their games. Unfortunately when playing on slots in a casino, the name of the supplier does not appear unlike in online casinos where the loading process of the game usually does. This means that name might not be familiar but the slots which can now be found at may well be.

No Bonus Casino is a very interesting online casino as contrary to expectation and indeed the norm it does not offer bonuses. Most online casinos are particularly keen to attract new players by offering a special bonus to them. This is usually done by the online casino matching the first ever deposit into the casino by a new player. It might seem like free money but it isn’t as it comes with strings attached. The match is generally 100% so if the new player deposits €100 into their account then the online casino adds another €100 but those two amounts are treated differently. The player deposit is their money so they are free to do with it as they wish but the bonus money is in a separate account where there are limitations, the most important of which is that it cannot be withdrawn until certain conditions have been met. In order to withdraw this bonus money from the online casino account the player must wager that amount 40 times and only then can any residual be withdrawn. Be aware also that casino games which an online casino considers low risk will not count towards the staking requirement. These casino games include the likes of roulette and blackjack so although you can use the bonus money to play these games you will still need to complete the wagering requirements on other games that do qualify. No Bonus Casino has thrown all this aside and said instead of bonuses they will give cash back if you lose. There are some nominal conditions attached but it is basically very simple. If a player makes a deposit into their online casino account today and manages to lose every Euro on the same day then No Bonus Casino will refund 10%. One of the major differences between this and the regular deposit bonus is that the 10% cash back is not subject to any terms and conditions. The cash is placed directly into your playing account and it is treated as your money leaving you free to do with it as you wish. What is more, this is not an offer designed specifically to attract new players as it is available to every player on every deposit made into the online casino regardless of how long you have been registered as a player.

When first saw this it was considered an introductory offer to get the online casino off the ground but No Bonus Casino has been around for a number of years now and the offer is still there. Irish casino players are in fact very lucky, apart from having no land based casinos, as there is a vast choice of online casinos. has done their best to sort through many of them and come up with a list of some of the better ones for you to choose from.