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Casino table games are very varied

By mr-casino on 2015-08-22 12:21:23

There is a tab on the website that is headed table games and it is merely to differentiate between those casino games that are played using a table of some description and those that do not. The online casino games that do not use a table are mostly casino slots and all online casinos have a huge variety of these often numbering in excess of 100. Casino slots however only have really two categories which are three reel and 5 reel slots whereas an online casino table games section has a much larger variety as it includes all card games and dice games as well as popular casino games such as roulette. All online casinos carry roulette and in fact some online casinos carry several versions although European roulette remains the favourite and most played as it is a casino game of pure luck requiring no skill whatsoever. Another very popular casino game at all online casinos is blackjack and although luck plays a part there is also a certain amount of skill involved which is described in the table games section on this site. Also described are less well known online casino games such as craps which most people have heard of but few know how to play which is a shame as it is a fast moving and exciting dice game or how about Caribbean Stud poker which is a poker game played against the house rather than against other players with no raising or changing of cards making it much more simple than other poker games. There are some even simpler table games such as Red Dog which is probably the fastest card game to be found at online casinos and again requires no more skill than deciding when to play and when not to play. Casino slots are great fun but if you are looking for more variety in your online casino play then look at some of the casino table games.