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There are better casino deposit ways than Visa

By mr-casino on 2015-08-20 08:34:45

There are many ways to make a deposit into your online casino account and when you first register you will be required to choose a method. You can of course change that deposit method at a later date but the best solution is to make the right choice in the beginning and it is worthwhile to give some thought to that choice. Online casinos accept for example a number of credit cards amongst which is Visa but a Visa casino deposit could be an expensive option when compared to other casino deposit methods. When making an online casino deposit with Visa or any other credit card for that matter the money is available in your casino account immediately which might be convenient for playing casino games but it is considered to be the same as a cash withdrawal by Visa as opposed to a purchase. If you have ever made a withdrawal at an ATM using your credit card which many people do especially when out of the country you will have noticed that you start paying interest on that amount from the day of the withdrawal so even if you pay off your credit card at the end of the month you will see substantial interest due. That is not the end of the story for Visa casino deposits as in the small print of your agreement you may or may not have noticed that there is also a charge made for any use of Visa for any form of gambling whether that be at online casinos or even football pools and that can be up to 2% which although may not seem to be much it is a good chunk of the house edge at many casino games. The moral of the story is choose your online casino deposit method carefully and try to avoid a Visa casino deposit if possible.