Casino and online casino list for Ireland has a page to explain some of the casino table games

By mr-casino on 2016-04-18 14:17:56

There is a section on the website which is called table games and it tries to describe a few of the more popular online casino games that require a table to play. This therefore excludes casino games such as casino slots or video slots. It does however include the two best known casino games of roulette and blackjack which are played at online casinos all over the world. Roulette is probably the most simple of all casino table games as it requires no skill to play plus there is a variety of ways to place bets from high risk to low risk with corresponding rewards in the form of higher odds for more risk. In this way placing bets on odd or even results in an even money bet but betting on a single number carries odds of 35:1. The second most popular of the online casino table games is Blackjack and although that is also simple enough to play there are some things to watch out for and these are described in the blackjack section of Irish casino players also enjoy the table games of Baccarat and Caribbean Stud. In Baccarat there is no thinking to be done as there are only three possible bets and uniquely you do not even have to understand the game to win as although cards are drawn in a hand it is all done by the dealer according to very strict rules. Caribbean stud however is a poker table game played at all online casinos but unlike some poker games which are played against other players with plenty of bluffing this table game is played against the dealer only. You will need an understanding of 5 card poker hands in order to play Caribbean stud but the advantage it has over poker played against other players is that you control the stakes of every hand.