Casino and online casino list for Ireland has been set up to help you find an honest online casino

By mr-casino on 2011-04-29 15:32:18

Online casinos continue to gain in popularity in Ireland and no wonder when you consider the alternative of having to go to a high street bookmaker to place your bets or to the private members club to play your favourite casino games. With online casinos you have everything at your finger tips from the comfort of your own home and what is more the choice of casino games at an online casino is far greater than at any land based casino or members club. Due to this popularity has been set up to help you find honest and trustworthy online casinos from the hundreds that are available so that you can get maximum enjoyment from the experience; at the same time we realise there are some games with which you are not familiar so we have written pages to explain them to you. In addition at we do not run an online casino so do not mind if you win and to help this we also give some casino tips about playing at an online casino and how to increase your winning chances at some games. also goes out of its way to remind players that playing at an online casino is entertainment and not a way to make money; we know there are gamblers who try to make money from the horses and the dogs and some are successful but continuously winning at an online casino is unlikely unless you are playing in poker tournaments against other players in which case if you are good enough it can be done. At least by registering with one of the online casino that we list you can be sure of an honest game and you will get paid out if you win because we have investigated them for you. Don’t get caught out at a small online casino, play it safe and enjoy the experience..