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US Government cracks down on online poker

By mr-casino on 2011-04-25 09:02:02

Here we are again at Easter Monday and more free time to spend at our favourite pastime of online casinos and although there is nothing earth shattering to report in the Irish Casino News this week there are a few amusing stories. Firstly we read that the US Government has had yet another crackdown on online casinos and in particular online poker sites operating in that country such as Absolute Poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt poker and one of the accused had supposedly been assisting players to fund their activities by setting up false companies that sell other online goods but in actual fact pass the money to the online casinos. The result of the crackdown was that the share price of other online casinos such as Party Gaming and 888 jumped on anticipation of more business but online casino gambling still remains illegal in the US? And then there is a new postage stamp issued in the USA which depicts the Statue of Liberty but unfortunately not the real one; in an error now admitted by the US Postal Service the stamp actually portrays the copy of the Statue of Liberty that stands outside New York New York casino in Las Vegas ; some error! The casino industry appears to be flourishing generally as we also have a casino reopening in Reno, Nevada after a $5 million refit which followed the previous owners filing for bankruptcy. The new owners hope to make it work by focussing more on the hotel and dining side rather than simple being a casino suggesting that playing at a casino might be becoming more of part of general entertainment. At we already know that online casinos are a form of entertainment and so is reading about some of the more unusual happenings around the world..