Casino and online casino list for Ireland provides advice for Irish casino players

By mr-casino on 2014-03-04 11:34:48

It is doubtful if anybody really knows how many online casinos are available for Irish casino players but there are certainly plenty which is what can make it difficult for new online casino players looking for a safe environment in which to play but there is help available at is a specialised site for Irish casino players where there are recommendations about online casinos with descriptions about what they offer but there are also sections about several of the more popular casino games explain how to play. What makes a good starting place is that all the online casinos which are listed have been checked to make sure they are correctly registered and operated and unlike some other sites they do not offer a choice or 10 or 20 but limit themselves to a handful of the better ones. There are of course the big boys in the online casino market but there are also a couple of interesting smaller online casinos which can provide great entertainment such as All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino, the latter being particularly interesting in being the only online casino we know that actively promotes itself as not offering a joining bonus for new players but preferring instead to have money back offers if you lose. is an independent online casino site that does not operate an online casino leaving it free to make any recommendation it likes and whether you choose one or another of the listed sites you are as safe as you can be while playing at an online casino. The choice of online casino is up to the user and generally it is governed by the appearance of the site and the casino games which are offered which in turn is governed by the casino software in use so also makes sure that the casino software is from one of the major companies in the industry.