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Certain countries will not allow play at your online casino

By mr-casino on 2014-08-03 11:51:05

It would be a logical thought that fewer people play at online casinos in the summer than in the winter when the dark nights drive us all indoors but in actual fact it does not seem to make that much difference. It would appear then that an Irish online casino player is not a sun worshipper who wants to remain outside his house for as long as possible but rather one of a fixed schedule who makes time for what he or she enjoys such as playing at the online casino. There are of course exceptions to everything and then there are always holidays which are normally taken during the summer months but even that does not need to stop you as all you need is a wifi connection which is available in so many places these days. Interestingly enough for those who travel to foreign countries for holidays, there are countries which will not allow online casinos or any other form of online gambling and it will be your chosen online casino that will come up with a message letting you know; The Netherlands is one such country which has always struck as being a bit strange as you can buy drugs freely in the “coffee shops” but cannot have a little gamble at an online casino but the truth is of course that casinos are under a government monopoly in the country and they do not want competition. has been discussing European legislation for several years and the way in which it is interpreted in different countries but fortunately here in Ireland we have are very liberal in our approach to online casinos except that the government is still trying to work out ways in which to benefit from the activity. This will not of course affect the online casino player in any way.