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Chat with the dealers at the live casino option

By mr-casino on 2013-08-12 09:44:03

There are online casino players who would prefer to be in a land based casino where there is the chance to interact with a dealer and where the results are not determined by a random number generator but as these casinos tend to be a little way away for most people there is always the live casino option. Most online casinos these days have a live casino option and if you have wondered what live casino is exactly can tell you that it is a room which has been established purely for the purpose of providing a feel of playing in an actual casino. The equipment used such as the roulette table is all genuine as are the dealers that are actually dealing the cards but the it does not take place in an actual casino where there are other players wandering around. The casino games  are in fact being played and through web cams the action is being streamed directly to your computer . Because it is live you can in fact communicate with the dealer but not quite in the same way as you would at an actual casino. The casino games available at the live casino option of an online casino are quite limited being Roulette, blackjack and baccarat so obviously if you are a casino slots player it is not for you and the minimum stake tends to be higher which is presumably to pay for the dealer but one of the clear advantages to those who do not like random number generators is that the player can see the ball rolling on the roulette wheel or see the next card being dealt from the pack. has no factual data to suggest that this makes any difference whatsoever to your chances of winning but it does make some Irish casino players feel more comfortable.