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Cheats in Singapore get jail sentence

By mr-casino on 2011-03-26 12:59:42

Ever since Resorts World Sentosa casino opened its doors last year in Singapore we have had consistent reports of various forms of crime but this week’s casino news involves yet another new scam this time involving a croupier and a player working together. The idea was that the croupier would throw the ball on the roulette wheel in such a way that it would end up in a particular area of the wheel; we have regular reports that gamblers believe that this can be done, and the gambler would place his bets accordingly. Unfortunately the croupier Ng Wuey Kiang was apparently unable to even get the ball to land within a group of 20 numbers on a regular basis so in order to compensate he tried to overpay the gambler Mr Leong when he won which if you have ever been in a casino you will realise is easily picked up. Both men, one from Singapore and one from Malaysia were sentenced to 21 months in jail by District Judge Jasbender Kaur to serve as a deterrent to others who might try something similar. The answer is to play your roulette at an online casino where the number is not dependent upon the throw of the ball by a croupier but simply by a random number generator. Cheating seems to be a regular feature in our casino news section but the noticeable thing is that they all get caught in the end so chance your luck on the tables by all means but don’t try to cheat..