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Chinese to build new casino in Korea

By mr-casino on 2014-08-09 12:48:45

The general casino news reports that although online casinos and even land based casinos are illegal in China the country is doing well from casino developments in other countries such as Korea and Australia where new developments have been or are being approved and Chinese construction companies are involved. It was already reported in that a new casino was to be built in Incheon, N. Korea which is where the main international airport is located and it now appears that construction might be undertaken by a Chinese company. The capital is to be found jointly between a Chinese and an American company but unfortunately the Koreans themselves will be unable to enter the casino as it will be for foreigners only but that does of course include the Chinese who are only a short flight away. In other casino news it appears that it is not only the USA who are considering changing laws to allow legal casinos as Bermuda is reported as doing something similar. Bermuda relies heavily on tourism for income and some think that not having legalised casinos could be damaging the industry. Unlike Korea however it is anticipated that locals will also be admitted to the casinos. Whether an online casino legislation will follow is unknown at this point. Meanwhile in the online casino world Harrahs has revealed a release of new casino software which is available for mobile applications but in theory it is only residents of New Jersey that can play. Quite how that works is a mystery as probably all you need is the correct mobile number. It also appears that New York is not against opening further casinos as it might create jobs and income but experience has shown that online casinos are generally preferred by the public as they do not have to travel.