Casino and online casino list for Ireland

More choice of online casino in Ireland than many European countries

By mr-casino on 2017-09-12 16:10:52

Despite attempts in recent years there are still no Irish land casinos available except for the odd club dotted around the country which are not really casinos as in other European countries. Recent attempts to create a complex with all sorts of entertainment including hotels and casinos were not successful. Fortunately however Irish casino players are very well catered for when it comes to online casinos and in fact much better than some European countries such as The Netherlands where the Government still tries to control online casino play as a monopoly. Even in the UK they have introduced separate licensing requirements which although was not the original intention restricts the number of online casinos available to the public. The idea of creating a licensing requirement was more to do with gaining income than anything else but the side effect is that fewer online casinos are available. To explain that further, in order for the UK Government to get an income from online casinos they decided to try and tax profits from UK customers but the only way to do that is for the online casinos to split out those customers which are UK based. They do of course have that information but splitting out profits from those customers is extra work which nobody is keen on doing. The Government therefore said they all online casinos operating in the UK must have a separate license and one of the terms of that license is that they must report income from UK players. It is all irrelevant to the players themselves but it goes some way to explain why there are more choices for Irish casino players.

Having more choice of online casinos is not always of course a good thing as it can create confusion about which are good and which are less good which is where can help. does not operate any form of online casino nor in fact any kind of online gambling which leaves it free to express opinions and make independent judgements. actually lists as many as nine online casinos all of which are correctly licensed and operate under the scrutiny of a recognised body in a well known territory for online gambling. Nine should be enough choice for anyone especially as they range from very large and well known ones such as Paddy Power casino to smaller names that if you are new to the online casino world you will probably never have heard of. Provided that the online casinos are bone fide operators, which all of those mentioned are, the final choice will come down to personal preference. The range of casino games can be a factor but even the smaller online casinos generally have a great range and of course many of them use the casino software anyway which is inevitable in a world where there are more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers. Added to this is the fact that there is nothing to stop any one online casino from using multiple casino software suppliers to enhance the range.

All Irish Casino is one example of this in that the main casino slots software comes from NetEnt which already has hundreds of casino slots in the range including several which have jackpots of more than €1 million but this is complemented by a few of the casino slots from Quickfire which have the enormous jackpots of several millions of Euro. If you are not a jackpot chaser then NetEnt casino software should be more than ample. There are two other online casinos which offer casino games from NetEnt but each offers an alternative which may suit some players. All Irish Casino like almost all of the competition likes to offer special incentives to new players which generally come in the form of bonus attached to the first ever deposit made into the casino. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement but players should make sure they are aware of what is really being offered to avoid disappointment. With this type of casino bonus at any online casino, the bonus money is placed into a specially created bonus account rather than into you playing account and there is a major difference between the two. Both accounts can be used to play casino games but only money in your playing account can be withdrawn and to get money from your bonus account into your playing account that money has to wagered a number of times which can often be as many as forty times. In addition to this certain casino games which are considered low risk such as roulette or blackjack either do not count at all towards the wagering requirement or if they do then for a much lower percentage such  as 10%. To put this into perspective, if you placed €100 into your playing account and received a €100 bonus which you wanted to use to play roulette you would need to stake €40000 in total before any residual bus money could be withdrawn.

One alternative to this is Freespins Casino where instead of a regular bonus every deposit into your playing account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The exact number of free spins depends both on the size of your deposit and which of the casino slots you choose to pay them at but it can be quite substantial. Any winnings from the free spins which is virtually inevitable must be wagered a number of times before they can be withdrawn but a lot of fun can be had playing free spins and making money. One of the advantages is that the offer, which can be refused, is available to every player on every deposit.

If that is not your cup of tea then there is No Bonus Casino which gives 10% cash back if you make a deposit and lose it all in one day. This cash back appears automatically in your playing account rather than a bonus account and is there the very next day.