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Choose the casino deposit option which is best for you

By mr-casino on 2017-06-16 15:23:22

Online casinos are always looking for new customers and one way of doing that is to offer some form of exclusive bonus for those signing up but another way is to try and make life easier by offering a large range of casino deposit options. This is useful but at the same time it is advisable for anybody joining an online casino to compare the various methods before jumping in as different casino deposit options carry different costs. All Irish Casino is a typical example for Irish casino players and as it is top of the recommended list at can be used for comparison purposes. All Irish casino offers as casino deposit methods the following choices:- Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Paysafe card and various other options which need not concern the Irish casino player. All Irish Casino does not offer the use of PayPal as it is more expensive for the casino. To take these casino deposit options in turn we shall start with credit cards of any description. This deposit method is probably the worst of all for online casino deposits although many new players tend to go for it as they are used to using credit cards for online transactions but online casinos are treated differently. There will almost certainly be a clause in the terms and conditions of use of your credit card (which like thousands of others you will never have read) which tells you that there is a separate charge for online gambling of any sort. It will quote a percentage which can be as high as 2% of the deposit amount. There is no justification for this apart from the fact that they seem not to like online gambling.

If that was the end of the story it might be manageable even though there are cheaper methods but unfortunately it is not. When making a deposit into your online casino account using a credit card it is considered to be a cash transaction which to be truthful it is as the cash is available instantly to play your favourite casino games. However credit cards and cash transactions do not mix very well as anyone will know who has inadvertently used a credit card at an ATM. Credit cards are well known for charging ridiculously high interest rates on outstanding balances but that same interest rate is used to charge interest from the day of a cash transaction to the point where it is paid off. This means that even if you are one of the good people that pay off your credit in full every month you will still be liable for interest charges on the cash deposited into your online casino account. This together with the online gambling charge can considerably impact the cash available for actually playing casino games. Another slight disadvantage for some is that the online casino has a record of your credit card details. This is not a problem with a respectable online casino such as those listed at but may be at others plus of course there are still people who like to keep their online casino play private which it is not if it appears on a credit card statement.

The second casino deposit option is to use a debit card whch is infinitely better than a credit card. There are no fees involved in transacting with an online casino and as every debit card transaction is a cash transaction so there are no interest charges. The only requirement is that there must be cash in your bank account to cover the debit card amount but this should not be an issue as would strongly advise against playing online casino games on credit anyway. Once again the only possible drawback is that your bank is aware that you have made a deposit into an online casino. This is of course your business what you do with your money but f you are looking for loan or a mortgage and somebody digs deeply you may find it working against you. The answer to that is to use one of the many e-wallets such as the already mentioned Skrill or Neteller.

These casino deposit options are also not without issues although those generally come from the e-wallet provider rather than the online casinos. The actual transaction from e-wallet to online casino is generally free but the charges can arise when depositing money into your e-wallet and it is worth checking for this before opening an account. A direct bank transfer is generally free of charges but any use of a credit card or a debt card can bring substantial charges. Another thing to watch for is whether you can transfer money out of your casino account back to the wallet which in some cases is not possible let alone whether it is free of charge. Not all e-wallets are the same in this respect so it is worth checking. Skrill for example makes no charge for using a debit card to fund your account but Neteller does.

A Paysafe card is also a good casino deposit option although depending on where you live at might be difficult to find a place to buy one. These are prepaid cards which are bought over the counter which can then be used for online purchases using a code printed on the card. There are generally no charges unless the transaction involves a currency exchange but there can be an annual charge after the first 12 months so again check the terms and conditions of use. Finally there is the option to make a direct bank transfer from your bank account to the online casino. This is instant and free of all charges and the online casino will pay any winnings straight back into your account. If you have confidence in the encryption systems of your online casino and don’t mind the bank knowing that are playing, both of which are true for most people, direct bank transfer can be a very good method.