Casino and online casino list for Ireland

No land based casino but plenty of online casinos for the Irish

By mr-casino on 2017-06-08 09:52:51

Whilst there are casinos in most European countries there are no real Irish land casinos anywhere despite some attempts having been made to establish entertainment complexes which would have included hotels as well as a casino. The reasons given for refusal were numerous but included the thought that casinos could attract prostitution or money laundering so there seems to be little prospect in the near term that the situation is going to change. Fortunately however that does not mean that Irish casino players have nowhere to go as there are numerous online casinos available and the range of available casino games is probably wider than it would be at an Irish land casino. Historically land based casinos outside the USA have a limited number of casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud and the occasional Craps table accompanied by a limited number of casino slots. In the UK for example the number of slots in a land based casino is strictly limited by law. The USA is an exception as anybody who has been to one will witness that there are literally hundreds of casino slots in every casino. Every online casino however has a vast range of casino games and hundreds of casino slots.

At for example which can be accessed directly from this site they use a combination of casino software companies which provide well over 300 slots between them ranging from the more simple three reel slots such as Belissimo™ which is new and uses only bars and sevens making it easy to follow right up to the progressive jackpot slots such as Hall of Gods™ or Mega Moolah™ where the jackpots regularly run into the millions of Euro and everything in between. In the table games section there is a variety of the usual Roulette and Blackjack together with Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, Pontoon and even Red Dog. All Irish Casino also has Punto Banco which is basically the same as Baccarat and is the only game where you can actually bet on the dealer to win. There are two sections covering slots with one called simply slots and the other called video slots. The slots tend to be the simpler versions using things like fruit symbols whereas the video slots section which is far larger has much more variety. If you enjoy playing for the jackpots there is even a special section dedicated to jackpots to save you trawling through the hundreds of video slots to find what you are looking for although even that is not difficult as they are all placed in alphabetical order. Some of the more popular video slots at this online casino are those that provide the greatest entertainment value such as Jack Hammer™.

The Jack Hammer™ video slot has a unique feature which they have trademarked and is called Sticky Wins™. This feature cannot work on a casino slot which simply has 5 reels so this slot allows all fifteen symbols to be independent of each other. They are still arranged in five columns of three with winning lines starting from the left but any number of them can be held while others in the same column move and this is what Sticky Wins™ is all about. As soon as a winning line is triggered, which can be as simple as three matching symbols on one of the 25 winning lines, all symbols in that win are held automatically and all other are spun again. No money is deducted from your funds for this exercise, it just happens. Should this result in the original win being improved by for example another matching symbol on the winning line then the process repeats itself with that additional symbol being held along with the original ones. The process repeats itself again and again until the win is no longer improved after which the highest win is paid out. This process allows even a nominal win to be transformed into a substantial win. There are even wild symbols to help you along the way but the real money is made when in free spins mode. Free spins are triggered by having a minimum of 5 freespins symbols on one of the winning lines which may seem quite a high demand but you have to remember that the Sticky Wins™ feature is operating on the freespins symbols as well so even three symbols will be held allowing more to come along. The Sticky Wins™ feature does not stop once you have 5 freespins symbols so it is possible to get more and more free spins. The minimum five symbols will grant 10 free spins while 6, 7 and 8 grants 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively. The maximum of 30 free spins is achieved with 9 or more free spins symbols but the key point is that all wins are tripled in free spins mode. This feature really keeps players involved as what at first appears to be a small win can rapidly turn into something else. Any of the online casinos that use NetEnt casino software are likely to carry this excellent casino slot.

Another entertaining casino slot from the same software supplier is Gonzo’s Quest™ which also uses independent symbols but in a different way. Gonzo in this game is an explorer in darkest Peru who is searching for gold so as you might expect the symbols have a sort of Aztec theme and unusually they are carved onto rocks. When a winning combination is triggered on this slot the winning bocks explode and are replaced by others but interestingly there is a win multiplier which after the first win moves on to double the next win. This means that if the new arrangement of blocks forms another win it is doubled in value. A third win in succession will have triple value and a fourth win will be multiplied by 5. Apart from this it is very interesting to keep your eyes on Gonzo as he is inclined to scratch his beard and pull faces and becomes very excited with a big win.