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Choose the European version of online casino roulette

By mr-casino on 2015-03-23 14:34:04

One of the simplest of all online casino games has got to be roulette so it is not for nothing that every land based casino or online casino has at least one offering and sometimes more. There are really only two types of casino roulette which are European roulette and American roulette and although French roulette is listed as an alternative it is basically the same as European roulette. The difference between the two types at online casinos is important and can seriously affect your chances of winning and it is that whereas European roulette has 36 numbers plus a single zero, American roulette has 36 numbers and 2 zeros. Put another way, in European roulette there are 37 numbers that may come up but in American roulette there are 38 but the odds paid out are the same in both casino games so it does not take a genius to see that American roulette should be avoided if at all possible. Online casinos offer both types so it is very easy to select the preferred casino roulette game but in other places such as cruise ships or even car ferries they will invariably only carry the American version of roulette. Apart from this roulette is very easy to play and what makes it so popular is the fact that there are no good bets or bad bets as far as odds are concerned. Whether you bet on simple odd/even or on single numbers the odds which are paid are directly proportional to the numbers of numbers covered. This also helps explain why some Irish roulette players simply spread their bets around the table in a random fashion as the chances of winning are just the same anywhere on the table. Online casinos will also let you know previous winning numbers although this is of course no indication whatsoever about what the next number might be.