Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Choose your online casino carefully and with help

By mr-casino on 2016-06-05 16:14:06

It is unclear where casinos really started as being a place to go to gamble but he favourite seems to be Italy where the origins of the word suggest a small house (casa meaning house) but they are also known to be public buildings where other forms of entertainment could take place. One of the countries most associated with casinos is the USA where places such as Las Vegas have been around for years and were initially places of iniquity and sin but over the years Vegas has cleaned up quite a bit and is now not only a casino centre but an entertainments centre attracting top artists from all over the world to the multiple shows in the craziest of hotels. More recently Macau and Singapore have become very popular catering for the many Chinese who want to play at casinos but cannot play at home due to legislation. The internet has been a game changer for casinos as it has opened up a whole new gambling world with online casinos and of course other forms of online gambling. In the early stages of online casinos it was quite difficult to sort out which could be trusted and which could not but over the years legislation has been passed in an effort to standardize certification but there are still online casinos out there which are not correctly licensed or operated which is why it pays to follow the advice of online casino sites such as which knows where good online casinos operate from and which licenses are required. does not operate any form of casino itself so the advice given can be independent and for the benefit of Irish casino players wanting to venture into the online casino world. Most of the online casinos tend to be registered in overseas territories such as Malta or Gibraltar or the Channel Islands as these are low tax countries but they have also now developed their online casino business so that they have become centres of excellence for licensing and regulating online casinos. Even well known online casinos such as Paddy Power casino or Ladbrokes casino are not registered in Ireland but in these offshore tax havens. The UK has very recently passed laws to make online casinos pay tax in the UK on casino play from those situated in the UK but Ireland seems a long way from doing that and anyway as an Irish casino player there is no need to worry about tax as gambling winnings are tax free. One of the major factors when deciding upon an online casino at which to play your favourite casino games apart from correct legislation is whether you enjoy the casino games on offer and in particular the casino slots where there is so much variation. This variation comes about by casinos using different casino software. Long gone are the days when online casinos wrote their own casino software and today the whole industry is controlled by a handful of specialised companies. This phenomenon also helps explain why some online casinos appear very similar to each other with even the names of the casino slots being identical. Bet365 casino and BetFred casino are remarkable similar because they use the same casino software. Even the  smaller online casinos such as or use NetEnt casino software which is one of the major players in the market so the online casino no longer needs to be big to offer a full range of casino games to the user. In fact having mentioned NetEnt casino software there are some great casino slots available which are a little bit different from the standard 5 reel slots so it is well worth taking a look at some of them. For example one of the most popular slot from the range is Gonzo’s Quest™ which is based on an ancient quest for gold probably in Peru and the reels are stone blocks. When a winning combination is achieved the winning blocks explode with those above dropping down and new ones taking their place. If this results in another winning line or lines then the whole process is repeated and winnings are doubled and this can continue up to 5 times winnings. It is amazing how quickly large wins can be achieved by multiples. Along similar lines are the “sticky wins” which can be found at Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™. In this case winning symbols are held and the remaining symbols are spun again without any extra payment and if this results in a higher win then the process is repeated until no better win is achieved and the highest win achieved is paid out. There are of curse also free spins and bonuses available at the slots.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos available to the unregulated Irish market but if you want to stay safe then play at one of those recommended by There are enough to choose from there without taking any chances with an unlicensed unregulated online casino where the chances of winning may well be rigged against you. The casino always a slight edge over the player and will in the long term win but that does not mean that every player will lose every day in fact far from it. It is very possible to make money at an online casino and if you have better than average luck over a period of time you can do so regularly but do not expect to win as you will probably be disappointed. Online casinos are a form of entertainment and like most other forms of entertainment you must expect it to cost money and when it doesn’t be happy but always remember to play within your own limits and only play with money that you can afford to lose or as the recent campaign amongst online casinos says “when the fun stops, stop” This is certainly very sound advice for all Irish online casino players.