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Choose your online casino deposit method with care

By mr-casino on 2014-05-11 14:43:56

Playing at an online casino is a very popular pastime in Ireland which means that many people do it but surprisingly there are also many who like to keep the fact to themselves which is of course understandable but when starting out at online casinos your choice of casino deposit method could already have compromised your wish to keep your casino play private. If for example your choice of casino deposit option is to use a credit card the card issuer will immediately know and not only that but they will make a charge as well. Even using a debit card will alert your bank although there should be no additional charges. This may not be a problem to many but it will to others. One of the better casino deposit methods as far as privacy is concerned is to use what is called an e-wallet and there are a number of those such as Moneybookers, PayPal etc. The advantage of this deposit method is that only the e-wallet company knows where the money is going and as they are a transaction only company they do not care. Your bank only knows that you are paying for something on the internet. For those who really like to keep things quiet there is always the option of using cash to make your casino deposit. It may sound strange that you can make an online casino deposit with cash but in fact it is possible but only at Ladbrokes casino and Paddy Power casino which have bookmakers shops around the country. Once you have an account registered you can walk into one of the betting shops and pass cash across the counter and ask for it to be deposited into your online account and by the time you get back home it will be there. You can also make cash withdrawals of your casino winnings in the same way.