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Choosing an online casino deposit option is quite easy

By mr-casino on 2018-05-18 18:02:24

There is no getting around the fact that once you have decided which of the many online casinos to play at you will also need to decide how you are going to fund your account. That does not mean where the money is coming from, although that also has to be considered, but how you are going to get the money into your casino account. All online casinos offer numerous casino deposit options so you are bound to find one that suits but the costs associated with the various options are not equal. It is not the online casino which makes these charges but rather who carries out the transaction. Convenience is also important and may well outweigh the costs but it is as well to be aware of the costs in the first place. The three most popular casino deposit options are a credit card, a debit card or an e-wallet although there are other methods such as prepaid cards or direct bank transfer or even cash deposits in a couple of cases.

The credit card is probably the most used method when buying anything on the internet and you might think that making a deposit into your online casino account is the same thing but you would be wrong. For reasons known only unto themselves credit card companies treat any form of online gambling, which includes online casinos, totally differently from any other transaction and all credit card companies are the same. For a start the credit card company pays the cash into your online casino account immediately so that you can immediately start playing your favourite casino games. This does not happen with normal internet shopping as any retailer will tell you. As a result the credit card company considers this to be a cash transaction in the same way as withdrawal from an ATM would be. The consequence of this is that you start paying interest on that money straight away from the day of the online casino deposit. Even if you are one of those good people that settle their credit card in full every month you will still see a charge and interest rates on credit cards are notoriously high with 20% being quite normal. To put that into context, if you made your online casino deposit two weeks before your credit card bill was due you would have two weeks interest to pay which is something over 0.75%. That might no sound much but when casino games such as roulette operate on margins of 2 to 3%, which is quite a difference. Unfortunately that is not the end of the story for Irish casino players as the credit card companies make a separate charge just because it is online gambling and that can be anything up to around 2%. Online casinos and other online gambling companies have accounts with numbers which are recognisable by the credit card companies so this charge will suddenly appear on your account. There may be credit cards that do not make this charge but has not found them so if you have the time and the inclination read the small print of your agreement to find out. Choosing the credit card casino deposit options might be the most convenient but it is certainly not the most economical.

It is important to add once more that the online casino will rarely make a charge for the deposit and if they do go somewhere else. Certainly online casinos such as All Irish Casino or Fun Casino make no such charge but you can usually check it out on the banking pages of whichever online casino you have chosen before you register for an account. The second option is the use of a debit card which is far better. The downside if there is a downside is that you need to have the cash in your bank account before using the debit card. hopes that Irish casino players never play casino games with money that they cannot afford so it should not be a problem to use a debit card. Using a credit card can be a temptation to overextend which should be resisted at all costs. A debit card casino deposit is available in your account immediately so is available for you to use on any of the casino games and it is generally available 24 hours a day with no charges. The only possible downside for some casino players might be the fact that the bank can see that you have made a deposit. This is not normally an issue but if you are looking for a mortgage and they examine expenditure they may pick up on it.

E-wallets are an interesting alternative and as most people have an account these days it can be very convenient. The big advantage of an e-wallet is that it prevents your bank from knowing what you are spending money on as all they know is that money is going to the e-wallet and have no idea whether you are funding an online casino account or doing your weekly shop. E-wallets do generally make a small charge for very transaction but it is nothing like the combined charges associated with credit cards. Even if you do not have an e-wallet account they are very easy to open and there are various ways of funding it. There is also plenty of choice and is not making any recommendation about which to use. For example All Irish casino offers the choice of Skrill or Neteller but not PayPal. There are also a couple of other mentioned on the site which are Klarna and Zimpler but these are Scandinavian cards for players from those countries. PayPal apparently makes charges to the online casino so some online casinos refuse to use them which is reasonable as others are available.

Whichever casino deposit option you choose remember that any winnings or withdrawals from your casino account will use the same method as chosen for the deposit and might take a couple of days to arrive but again check the banking pages of your chosen online casino.