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The live casino option at online casinos avoids the RNG

By mr-casino on 2018-05-14 16:56:41

Playing at an online casino is great fun and can be very profitable as well but some players still have a problem with believing that online casinos are run honestly. There will undoubtedly be online casinos out there whose casino games are rigged but a good online casino such as any of those listed at are perfectly legitimate, correctly licensed and have random number generators that are regularly checked by external audits. All online casinos use random number generators to determine the next number on the roulette wheel or the next card and the only way to avoid that is to use the live casino option which is available as an option at nearly all online casinos. Live casino means that there are actual dealers or croupiers dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel in real time. The proceedings are then filmed on web cams and transmitted directly to your PC or other device so that you can see what is happening. This really has no effect on your chances of winning either positively or negatively but for those Irish casino players that have a problem with random number generators this is the answer.

Any online casino that is in it for the long term has absolutely no need to try to mess about with the random number generator even if they could as all casino games have an edge in favour of the casino so over the long term and given enough players the casino will always win. That does of course not mean that the casino will win every time with every player. We all know that it is possible to win at any casino and online casinos are no different but more will be lost than is won over an extended period. To take the simple example of roulette, there are 37 possible outcomes on the European roulette table and if you placed a chip on every number one of them would win but you would only be paid at odds of 35:1 which with your returned stake would leave you with 36 chips. In other words you bet 37 chips to win 36 so the casino makes a small profit. Even money betting on red/black or odd/even also leaves the casino with a slight edge as the zero is neither black nor red not odd nor even so whilst these bets will win many times once the zero comes up you lose.

Blackjack is another interesting casino game that appears not to favour the online casino as both your hand and the dealers hand have an equal chance of being higher and in the case of a tie you get your money back. The house edge in this case comes purely from the fact that the player always plays first and the dealer last. Blackjack is a game where if you go over 21 you are considered bust and if that happens you lose. Even if the dealer later in the round also busts, which happens often enough, you still lose because you bust first. Better blackjack players will try to avoid that happening by standing on a low number in anticipation of the dealer going bust. How to anticipate that is of course very difficult as the only clue you have is the single card showing in the dealers hand. Nevertheless a 5 or a 6 showing in the dealers hand is considered weak and may cause a good player to change approach. The point is that there is absolutely no need for online casinos to manipulate the random number generator even if they could as given a sufficient number of players and sufficient time they will always come out on top.

Casino slots are another classic example as they openly declare to have payouts around the 95% mark. Online casino slots are infinitely better than some land based machines where the payout percentage can often be as little as 75%. A certain percentage of the money stakes on an online casino progressive jackpot slot goes towards the jackpot so the payout percentage on those slots will inevitably be lower; after all if somebody is going to win millions of Euro there will be many who win nothing just as is the case with lotteries. Casino slots with payouts around 97% are about as good as you are going to get. This compares favourably with the casino games recognised as having the highest payout percentage namely roulette at about 97%, blackjack at over 99% based on perfect strategy and baccarat at around 98%. Figures for individual casino slots payouts are rarely given so it is down to the player to pick a slot they enjoy playing and have fun playing.

There is so much choice in the casino slots field that it is impossible to recommend a slot that will please everybody but there are one or two that thinks stand out for entertainment value. Firstly take a look at Gonzo’s Quest™. This a slot produced by casino software supplier NetEnt which is one of the top names in the industry and can be found at any of the top 9 online casinos as listed on the site. There are a couple of interesting features on this casino slot, one of which is the fact that Gonzo himself (an intrepid explorer) is always at the side of the game hoping that you get a big win so that he can remove his helmet and help you collect gold coins. In the meantime you will find him scratching his beard and waiting. His greatest pleasure seems to be escorting you through to the free spins game where wins have are worth a minimum of triple face value. A second interesting feature of this casino slot is that instead of fifteen symbols being attached to five reels all the symbols can move independently of each other which brings some interesting game play into operation such as the win multiplier for successive wins. This might not be for everybody but it is certainly an interesting slot.