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Could Ireland benefit from a mega casino?

By mr-casino on 2012-12-05 10:10:31

Despite all the opposition to the building of large casino resorts in Ireland which has been the subject of several reports in the general casino news section of this online casino site it seems that in London, England where they have been allowed to build they are providing hundreds if not up to a thousand jobs and visitor numbers are exceeding expectations. Of course are not saying that what happens in London would automatically happen in Ireland but it should at least be worth a look as the general casino news reports are encouraging. Two new mega casinos have been opened in the UK capital in the past 12 months or so and both were reported in the general casino news section here at and they are the Aspers in Stratford and the Hippodrome which is in Leicester Square in central London and both are reporting much higher visitor numbers than they had expected even allowing for the effect of the Olympic Games which may have inflated numbers due to the number of visitors to the capital. Both casinos are in the general casino news as entertaining thousands of customers per night which is bringing in massive revenues even if not all the customers are gamblers; the Hippodrome also offers a cabaret making it a meeting place as well as an entertainment centre. Aspers is also a huge casino and management is reported in the general casino news as hoping for upwards of one and a half million visitors within the first year of operations. In Ireland we have many online casinos that provide entertainment for thousands of people but so far a mega casino complex has been missing and how the government could do with that sort of revenue from taxes in today’s environment. Whether anything will change based on these reports in the general casino news from the UK is doubtful but you never know.