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Credit card casino deposits are not a good idea

By mr-casino on 2013-09-19 12:11:47

Online casino deposits were mentioned in an article at just a couple of days ago and continuing along the same theme, one of those deposit methods is to use a credit card. Credit card casino deposits however according to are not the greatest way to make a deposit into your online casino account as using a credit card for any kind of online gambling is treated differently from any other online transaction. You will notice that your credit card issuer probably has a charge for what are termed cash advances but what is less obvious in most cases is the definition of a cash advance and for that you really need to read the terms and conditions carefully. You may expect that if you use your credit card for a cash withdrawal at an ATM that you will be charged for it but you may not realize that this can be around 3% of the transaction value which is equivalent to the house edge at several casino games at many online casinos. Reading further you may also find the definition of a cash advance includes any form of gaming which makes credit card casino deposits cost around the 3% mark which in effect doubles the online casino margin except that of course the online casino is not getting that money. This does not only apply to online casino deposits; it also applies to lotteries or football pools or any other form of gambling. The answer is not to use your credit card for online casino deposits and as there are many other methods that is fairly easy to do. Debit cards are of course not the same as credit cards and can be used at online casinos with no charges and then there are of course a range of specialist internet payment providers known as e-wallets which are also good deposit methods.