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Don’t be misled by an online casino bonus offer

By mr-casino on 2013-09-17 14:46:28

One thing that is rather annoying to is the casino bonuses that are displayed or advertised for new players as most people will not take the trouble to read through the terms and conditions which are attached to the bonus and therefore do not realize how difficult it can sometimes be to get anything out of that bonus. All online casinos offer a bonus which generally is what is called a matching bonus whereby the online casino will match your first deposit, and sometimes second or third deposits, with a percentage which is often 100% at least for the first deposit. The online casinos however will not deposit this money into your cash account but rather into some form of bonus account so although it is available instantly to play casino games with it is not possible to withdraw money until it has been transferred into your cash account and herein lies the crunch that there are certain requirements to fulfill before that can happen. These requirements at online casinos are called play through requirements and they are often stated in terms of the number of times that a bonus must be staked and sometimes even as the number of times that your bonus plus your original deposit must be staked. Remember that a play through requirement of 20 times your bonus plus stake is the same as 40 times your casino bonus assuming a 100% match so although 20 times looks more favourable than 40 times they are in effect the same. Another thing to look out for is which casino games count towards the play through requirement; it is not unusual for casino games such as roulette not to count at all towards the play through requirement or if it does then only for a small percentage. An introductory bonus at an online casino will always enable you to play for longer and of course it is possible to win and withdraw the cash but it is not as easy as it might look.