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Credit card casino deposits are subject to charges

By mr-casino on 2014-02-06 12:46:13

Despite warning of the costs associated with online casino deposits using a credit card many Irish casino players continue to use them. A credit card casino deposit is of course perfectly safe with the right online casino and it is probably the most convenient of deposit methods available as virtually everybody has a credit card of some description these days and of course all online casinos accept a variety of credit cards as a deposit method. The problem with credit card casino deposits is the costs which are involved and with online casinos having very small margins between winning and losing the last thing an Irish casino player needs is additional costs. Credit card companies make a charge for any transaction which is associated with gambling whether it is online casinos or any other form of gambling and that includes such things as the football pools. The reason for this is unclear and if you think that your online casino deposits using a credit card are free you would be advised to look carefully and check the terms and conditions of the credit card. There is however yet another drawback to credit card casino deposits and that arises because the cash from a credit card deposit is in your online casino account immediately which is of course what you want but what that means is that you have withdrawn cash on your credit card. If you went to an ATM and withdrew cash you probably know that interest will be charged from the time of the transaction and credit card interest rates are not that small. The exact same thing will happen with your online casino deposit so if you have the choice of casino deposit methods it might be better to choose a different one such as debit cards or even an e-wallet.