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Credit card casino deposits can be expensive

By mr-casino on 2015-09-29 10:10:42

When registering for the first time at an online casino you will eventually reach the banking page where you will be asked how you wish to make deposits into your account and the most obvious thing is to reach for your credit card but that might not be the smartest move you ever make and it has nothing to do with the online casino you have chosen but all to do with the credit card issuer. All players of online casinos suffer the in the same way that credit card casino deposits are subject to a double set of charges. Firstly it will be written in the small print of your credit card agreement that deposits to online casinos, or any other form of online gambling which includes online bingo and even football pools, will be subject to a charge which can often be up to 2% of the casino deposit. Secondly when you make a credit card casino deposit the cash will be available in your account immediately for playing your favourite casino games but the downside of that is that the credit card casino deposit will be treated as a cash withdrawal in the same way as if you had made a withdrawal from an ATM. If you have done this before anywhere you will known that interest will be charged from the day of the withdrawal so even if you are in the good habit of paying off your credit card at the end of the month there could be several days or even weeks of interest due at the very high rates that credit card companies charge. All of these charges can be avoided by not using a credit card for online casino deposits and there are several alternatives offered by online casinos such as a debit card or one of the many e-wallets. The moral of the story is to think before making credit card online casino deposits and be aware of the charges.