Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Try an online casino that gives cash back

By mr-casino on 2015-09-27 08:45:52

Online casinos are driven by the casino software that they run which is why two or more online casinos can look remarkably similar but there are still differences that determine which online casino an individual chooses. Many online casino players will simply go to one that advertises most heavily which in Irish casino circles is probably Paddy Power casino and others may choose the online casino that appears to be offering the best deal for new players but that is inevitably a one off situation which is soon forgotten.  There are however online casinos that offer something a little bit different such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino both of which are recommended on the site. No Bonus casino for example offers no joining bonus for new casino players but instead gives cash back to any player that makes a deposit and is unfortunate enough to lose it all. The cash back is a very generous 10% of the loss and instead of it being put into a bonus account it is paid into the player account the very next day which means that you can either play with it or even withdraw it. This is not a one off for new players as it is available to all players at the online casino and is applicable to every deposit made. Freespins casino is another online casino that does not only reward new players and in this case free spins on a range of casino slots are awarded on every deposit made. The number of free spins depends on the size of the casino deposit and which slot is chosen but once again it is for every deposit made by every player every time. There are criteria that apply to any winnings obtained via the free spins before a withdrawal can be made but as you will be playing with free money it is hard to argue.