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Cyberstud poker is caribbean stud poker with a difference

By mr-casino on 2011-04-19 14:05:04

We have written about Caribbean Stud Poker on a number of occasions but Ladbrokes has an interesting variation called Cyberstud Poker. Cyberstud Poker is identical to Caribbean Stud poker in most ways for example you have to first place your ante and then if you wish to play you must raise to the value of twice your ante bet which in effect means that you are now staking three times you original bet. Also similar to Caribbean Stud is the fact that the dealer must have a qualifying hand of at least Ace/King for your raise bet to be valid; please see our table games section for a more full explanation but the major difference between the Ladbrokes Cyberstud poker and Caribbean Stud played at other online casinos such as Paddy Power is the payout odds and here you might want to look carefully at which online casino you choose to play. Nearly all online casinos pay odds of 1:1 for a high card or a single pair; some will quote odds of 2:1 but this includes your original stake so it is actually only 1:1. Caribbean Stud played at most online casinos will pay odds of 2:1 for two pairs but Cyberstud pays only 1:1 however this is compensated by much better odds for the better hands. For example, a straight in conventional Caribbean stud pays at 4:1 but in Cyberstud it pays at 5:1 and a flush that would normally pay at 5 or 6:1 pays at 9:1. The difference between Ladbrokes Cyberstud and Paddy Power Caribbean stud continues to grow as the hands get better with Cyberstud paying 14:1 for a full house versus more normal 8:1 and four of a kind paying 99:1 versus 20:1 normally. If you think you can get better hands then Cyberstud poker at Ladbrokes is going to be better than regular Caribbean stud at other online casinos but you will sacrifice a little at the two pairs odds; the choice is yours..