Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Deciding which is the best casino is not always easy

By mr-casino on 2019-06-14 11:22:01

With all the online casinos that are available to Irish casino players it can be difficult to decide which the best casino is. This is made even more difficult by the fact that what is the best casino in one persons eyes is not in another’s which is why has chosen to list no less than eight online casinos from which individuals can make their own choice. The list is in order of preference in the opinion of but at the same time they fully appreciate that opinions differ but the important thing is to select one of them as they are all correctly licensed and honest casinos which may not be the case if you make your own selection from elsewhere. The online casinos recommended range from large ones which are part of gambling conglomerates to smaller ones that concentrate solely on casino games. Smaller specialised online casinos often have a better choice of casino games because they use a combination of casino software companies on the same site whereas sites such as Paddy Power casino use only a single casino software supplier. If you tend to be purely a roulette or blackjack player it probably makes very little difference as all software presents the same standard game. It might look at little different and there might be some variations available such as double exposure blackjack or American roulette neither of which would recommend.

Double Exposure Blackjack is the game where both of the dealer cards are visible instead of the normal one. This can be an advantage if the hand turns out to be 17 or above as you then know what you are up against and can draw cards accordingly. It can also help if the dealer hand is 15 or 16 as you know they must draw a card which can easily bust the hand. In this case you might consider standing on lower than 17 yourself. The downside of this blackjack game is that a tied hand is a loss to the player instead of a money back situation in the normal game. American roulette is a casino game which should never be played if a European version is available which it always is at any online casino. The reason for this is that American roulette includes a second zero called double zero or 00 in addition to the single zero as is normal. This means that there are now 38 numbers in play instead of 37 which reduces the chances of winning but the payout odds remain the same. It is even worse if you normally play outside bets (red/black or odd/even etc.) as both zero and double zero are neither so losing bet chances are doubled.

The real difference comes in the area of casino slots where the use of multiple casino software results in far more choice of slots which can often be several hundred. A classic example is where small and large software companies are combined to give many hundreds of casino slots from progressive jackpots which regularly run into the millions of Euro to simple three reel slots with a single winning line. These simpler casino slots are proving very popular as they are much easier to follow. Complicated casino slots with multiple patterns of winning lines can be impossible to follow and despite the software doing it all for you there is an element of pleasure missing. These simpler slots can be found at online casinos that use Amanet casino software. There are other things that might help decide which is the best casino for you and one of those is where you feel comfortable and valued. Feeling valued is very important in the eyes of and when casinos offer new players incentives that existing players do not receive it must make you wonder. Of course online casinos always need new players and the most usual way of attracting them is to offer them a bonus. In sports gambling this is usually a free bet but at an online casino it is more likely to be what is known as a deposit matching bonus. Under this system the casino will match your first ever deposit Euro for Euro so if you deposit €200 then the casino will give you another €200 giving you €400 to play the casino games. This sounds fantastic but it is not all it seems.

In order to withdraw the bonus money or any proceeds from it the new player must have staked the bonus money a total of 40 times on certain casino games. In the case of a €200 bonus this means that €8000 must be staked. Stakes on roulette or blackjack will almost certainly be excluded from this qualification. This is designed to give the online casino maximum chance to win back the bonus before it ever need be paid out. Fortunately there are online casinos such as and that have a much better offer and that is cash back. actually has a deposit matching for new players and a cash back offer. The good thing about the cash back offer is that it is not an exclusive for new players, in both cases it is available for all players no matter how long you have been playing there. This is more like valuing existing players. The mechanics of the promotion are simple enough. If you make a deposit into your online casino account on any day and manage to lose the whole lot on the same day by playing any of the casino games on site then 10% will be refunded the very next day by way of consolation. This cash back really is cash as well. There are no restrictions placed on what must happen to the cash such as staking it a number of times. The cash is placed in your playing account so it becomes yours immediately so you can choose what to do with it which can include withdrawing it altogether if that is your wish.