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Live casino is another option at online casinos

By mr-casino on 2019-04-15 11:52:34

Online casinos have been around for many years and apart from the complexity of the casino slots and the far superior graphics nothing much has changed. The basic table games remain the same although the odd online casino does have the odd variation which generally does nothing to help the player. Take for example Double Exposure Blackjack which is a version of the game in which both dealers cards are exposed. This is theoretically a big advantage to the player but when the dealer is showing anything under 16 there is an unknown card to be drawn so it might not affect the way you play your hand plus in this version a tie is a dealer win instead of a push in the regular game. One development that does not change anything concerning the winning chances is live casino. The idea behind live casino is to give the player a feeling of being closer to an actual casino but in truth that is only partly achieved. In an actual casino there is a lot of fun to be had watching other people, the way they play the casino games and the way they react when winning or losing but at the live casino option of an online casino that is not possible.

The live casino option has really nothing to do with a casino as it is simply a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card and roulette tables and which is staffed by human beings who deal the cards and spin the wheel. The other addition is the cameras which show the dealer and the table and the pictures of which are streamed to your device so that you can follow what is happening. These rooms can be literally anywhere but are mostly in Eastern Europe. One notable exception is the online casino called that has a live casino streamed from an actual casino in Malta. If you have ever been to Malta you may well know the name of Portomaso Casino which is possibly the best known casino on the island. The live casino is not streamed directly from the casino floor as this would cause issues with anonymity if other players were in shot but it is in the same complex. This should, at least, ensure correctly trained professional dealers but the drawback is that it only operates when the casino itself is open. As the opening hours are from 10:00 in the morning to 05:00 the next morning this should not pose too much of a problem for most people.

Probably the overriding reason that Irish casino players play at the live casino option is the distrust of the RNGs or random number generators that are used in regular online casino play. There is however no real reason to distrust an RNG as long as it is regularly checked. for example has put their RNG through third party compliance audits and passed with flying colours. They are also at pains to point out that there is no interference possible by any member of the casino staff. IN this way the randomness of the live casino or the regular online casino is exactly the same. It is, of course, understandable that when somebody loses something has to be blamed and the RNG is an easy target. Strangely enough when players hit a winning streak or a large jackpot the RNG never gets mentioned. Live casino is definitely an alternative but there are limitations on the casino games which are available. The popular games of roulette and blackjack are always there along with Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is also known and even the occasional game of Caribbean Stud but that is about it. Unfortunately the most popular and most played casino games are casino slots and as there is no dealer intervention needed there are no slots at the live casino. By al means give live casino a try, you may even find that your chosen online casino has an introductory offer for new players which is valid even for existing players at the casino who have never played live casino.

Today all online casinos have a live casino option so it is no longer a differentiation factor that might affect your choice of online casino so they need to think of something else. does this by using a lesser known casino software supplier known as Amanet. There are other online casinos that use this software and indeed one or two on the recommended list here at use it in combination with others. The main attraction of Amanet is that the casino slots are generally very easy to follow unlike some of the progressive jackpot slots provided by others which have complicated patterns of winning lines. This is achieved by having fewer symbols and exceptionally clear graphics and indeed there are one or two slots which still use the original fruit and bar symbols from days gone by.

An alternative to this can be found at which can be accessed directly from this site. This online casino has taken the very unusual step of saying that if you lose you can get money back. There is no land based casino on earth where you can get money back and there are not many online casinos either but thinks it can be attractive and it is difficult to argue. The way it works is very simple. If you make a deposit into your online casino account at any time and manage to lose all of it on the same day that the deposit as made then 10% will be refunded the very next day. There are no restrictions on which casino games must be played and there are no limitations placed on what must happen to the cash back. Many casino bonuses insist that bonus money be staked a number of times before it can be withdrawn but that is not the case at No Bonus Casino. F you want to withdraw the cash back then do so.