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Depositing into a casino with Moneybookers is a good option

By mr-casino on 2012-07-06 08:12:43

Here at we are sometimes asked what the best method is to make deposits into an online casino account but unfortunately there is no simple answer as much depends on the circumstances of the individual but without doubt a casino deposit method which suits most is to use an e-wallet such as Moneybookers. There are one or two good reasons for funding your casino with moneybookers not the least of which is that the money is instantly available in your online casino account but equally important is the fact that using moneybookers for casino accounts carries no additional charges such as the 2% which can apply to other casino deposit methods such as credit cards. Another advantage of a moneybookers casino account is that as with every e-wallet you can use it for any online purchases and indeed it is also simple to withdraw winnings from your online casino account to your moneybookers wallet. It should be noted however that moneybookers is not a bank and as such there are no overdraft facilities; it is literally a wallet so if there is nothing in your wallet you cannot spend but as far as gambling at online casinos is concerned that is no disadvantage as we always advocate that playing at an online casino is a leisure activity and should never be done with borrowed money. Yet another advantage which is important to some people is that by funding your online casino with moneybookers you are not giving the online casino any details of your credit card you can simply deposit into your online casino account using your moneybookers account number and password. We should add however that the security systems at the online casinos that we list on this site are excellent and any credit card details that they have are as safe as they can be. If you do not have a moneybookers casino account it is well worth considering.