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Yet another new casino in London

By mr-casino on 2012-07-04 14:05:50

You would have thought that the last thing that London needed was another new casino but according to researchers that is exactly what is happening and it is happening as soon as next month when the famous landmark of the Hippodrome which has in turn been an indoor circus, a music hall, a cabaret restaurant and a night club takes on a new reincarnation as a casino. generally focuses on online casino developments but we thought this was news that many Irish gamblers would be interested especially if you are regular or even occasional visitors to the UK capital. The man behind this casino venture is Simon Thomas who has made money in the Bingo and Amusement arcade business but according to the casino news he hastens to add that he is not trying to bring Las Vegas to London quoting the fact that you will not be able to get married on the premises but with bars, restaurants and a cabaret distributed throughout four floors of the building there should be plenty of entertainment. The West End of London has already a number of casinos within a stone’s throw so the competition could be fierce but one area where even this casino cannot compete with the online casinos is in the area of slots. Whereas most online casinos recommended by have anything up to 100 plus slots from which to choose the Hippodrome will have only 20 as a result of regulation which is common across the industry in the UK. Interestingly the new casino will also especially cater for the Chinese interest by having an entrance close to Chinatown (casinos are of course illegal in China). Although not providing any real competition for online casinos the news team though this an interesting development and it remains to be seen what the effect is on other casinos.