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Different online casinos use the same casino software

By mr-casino on 2013-02-05 14:49:05

Although it is not usually a consideration for online casino players the casino software which is in use on your chosen online casino will have a major impact on whether you enjoy the experience or not. Major online casinos no longer develop their own casino software as it has become a very specialised subject in which there are a number of major players such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Wagerworks and Chartwell and if you want more detail of these you can find it on our casino software page here at Of course when you are playing your favourite online casino none of these names will appear; all you will see is the name of your chosen casino but you may have wondered at some stage why some online casinos such as BetFred and Bet365 for example look very similar despite having different names and the answer is that they are both using the same basic casino software but branded to suit themselves. You may also have noticed if you play at more than one online casino that the slot machines are identical including the names and the sounds and again this is due to the same software being used. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement and indeed when it comes to progressive slots it can work to your advantage as with several  online casinos contributing to the jackpot it is able to grow much more quickly than would otherwise be the case. These arrangements with online casino software suppliers are often not exclusive which means that whilst several casinos can use the same software so an online casino can use different software companies for different parts of the site. The question of whether it matters which casino software is being used is answered with a “not really as long as it is one of the major players and you are enjoying your casino play”.