Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Different people have different ideas about what makes the best casino

By mr-casino on 2017-03-24 15:41:40

There are so many online casinos available to Irish casino players that it becomes pretty tough to categorically say which is the best casino so prefers to shortlist a few and leave the ultimate choice up to each individual. Even the shortlist for best casino is not that short as there are 8 listed and a few others mentioned as being acceptable online casinos. The problem with mentioning a best casino is that people are different and have different requirements from their online casino not the least of which is which casino games they offer. If you are a roulette player or blackjack player then it probably doesn’t make too much difference where you play as the games are going to identical although the layout might be slightly different and some have gimmicks such as playing multiple roulette games at the same time. If you are a slots player however it becomes important as different online casinos use different casino software which provides different casino slots. There are a couple more important things to consider before you decide which you consider to be the best casino the first of which is whether you want to be a part of a large online gambling group or  a specialised online casino. The specialised online casinos do tend to be more friendly and because they are smaller they also tend to have more offers which are easy to implement. The larger online casinos are Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino both of which offer a complete range of online gambling in addition to their online casinos but there are plenty of specialists such as All Irish Casino that offer plenty of casino games.

A second consideration which is especially important for new online casino players concerns the bonuses which are advertised and which are only available to them. The best casino is not necessarily the one which seems to offer the highest bonus as they are generally what are known as deposit matching bonuses so although the online casino might offer to match your first deposit up to €500 for example that is only any good if you intended to make a first deposit of that size in the first place. These bonuses are also notoriously hard to turn into real cash due to the onerous conditions attached such as the requirement to stake the bonus a high number of times on certain casino games. Also remember that this bonus is a one off so once you have signed up there is nothing more. There are alternatives to this one off bonus arrangement and that might be enough to convince you that one of these is the best casino. No Bonus Casino is probably the best known of the alternative online casinos and as the name suggests there are no bonuses at all for anybody but there is cash back. The cash back at No Bonus casino is triggered when you make a deposit into your online casino account and are unlucky enough to lose it all on the same day. If this happens then 10% of the deposit will be returned the very next day. You do not need to claim or fill in any forms, it just happens but the good bit is that the offer is valid for every player on every deposit they make and what is more is that the cash is yours to do with as you wish. There are no staking requirements so the cash back goes straight into your playing account from where you can continue to play or take it out with no questions asked.

Another online casino that has come up with a realistic alternative to the one off deposit bonus is Freespins Casino which is considered the best casino by a number of players. At Freespins Casino every deposit entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The exact number of free spins will depend on the size of your deposit and of course on the casino slot which you select to play at but it is very attractive. As you are almost certain to make a profit from free spins, and it is after all impossible to lose when you are staking nothing, the online casino does ask you to wager the profit a number of times before the winnings can be transferred into your playing account but it is a no lose situation. You can opt out of receiving free spins but the offer is once again available on every deposit you make into your casino account for every player so the choice is yours.

Casino software has been mentioned previously as being a factor in the decision about which is the best casino and online casinos sometimes use only one casino software so their casino games and in particular casino slots range is limited. There are online casinos such as All Irish Casino which uses predominately  NetEnt casino software but backs that up with casino slots from Microgaming that offer progressive jackpots but the greatest range of casino slots has got to be at Instacasino where they combine nearly all the major software suppliers. At Instacasino they even have tabs for each casino software supplier so that you can select which range of casino slots you want to see. has not counted how many casino slots are available at Instacasino but it is definitely several hundred.

As a final note when considering which is the best casino for you make sure that whatever you choose is correctly licensed and operated. There are several places that are well known for online casino licensing such as Malta and Gibraltar but if you cannot be bothered to investigate simply choose one of the online casinos from the list at as they have all been approved. There are 8 casinos listed in their top 7 (you are right, that does not make sense but life is like that sometimes) so one of them should capable of satisfying your needs.