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Do not play American roulette at your online casino

By mr-casino on 2011-10-16 14:47:32

One of the most played games at online casinos is roulette and for the very simple reason that it is so easy to play and provides instant results. In a land based casino or even the online live casino you need to wait until the croupier spins the wheel but when playing roulette at an online casino you can spin as fast and frequently as you like and to save time you can even hit the “repeat bet” button which makes it very easy to play roulette while also playing other casino games which take a little longer. For beginners at online roulette however there are two very popular questions; the first of which is the difference between American and European roulette and the other concerns which bets are better than others. To answer the first question, American roulette and European roulette are identical except for the fact that where European roulette has one “0”, American roulette has “0” PLUS “00” so instead of your chances of hitting a single number being 1 in 37 on the European roulette table it is 1 in 38 on the American roulette table. This may not seem like a big difference but in actual fact it reduces your chances of winning by some 2.5% so if you have a choice do not play American roulette. For the second question the simple answer is that contrary to popular belief there are no bets which are better than others. One of the best known misconceptions is that it is better when playing roulette and betting on two adjacent numbers on the board it is better to place individual bets on each number rather than one bet on the split (on the line between the two numbers); the thinking behind this is that an individual roulette number pays at odds of 35 to 1 but a slit pays at only 17 to 1. To dispel this myth let us take an example  of placing €1 on each of the two numbers; if one of them comes up you will receive €35 plus your original stake on the winning number of €1 making €36 minus your original stake of €2 which leaves you with a profit of €34. If on the other hand you had placed your bet of €2 on the split and one of the numbers came up you would receive €34 plus your original stake of €2 making €36 minus your initial outlay of €2 leaving you with a profit of €34 which is exactly the same. The odds in a game of roulette are such that it makes no difference how you place your bets so relax and enjoy it, roulette is a great casino game..