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Fish and chips to attract English casino players

By mr-casino on 2014-07-08 10:43:36

Las Vegas is known for being glitzy and garish alongside the casinos but there are reports in the Irish casino news that the British public is to be catered for with an English themed casino serving fish and chips and pie and mash in something to be called Ye Olde English casino which sounds to like a good reason to stay at home and play at the online casino of your choice that are available here in Ireland. Nothing to do with online casinos but did you know that the word “Ye” is the original spelling of “the” in the days when the “y” was pronounced as a “th”. According to the Irish casino news reports there are close on half a million British tourists that go to Las Vegas every year and this new casino is supposed to be attractive to them. Other Irish casino news includes maverick tennis player Gulbis telling an Italian newspaper that having won more than half a million dollars in the tournament in Paris he went back home to Latvia and spent it all in a casino. It later transpires however that in another interview also reported in the Irish casino news in the UK he only admitted to losng a percentage of his winnings. Gulbis is known as a bit of a joker so who knows what the truth really is. Maybe he should start playing at an online casino and in that way he does not need to go back to Latvia every time as he can play anywhere on the tour. continues to scour the news for anything of interest to Irish online casino players although news is a bit thin on the ground at this time of year as everybody seems to go into hibernation or maybe it is the weather that keeps them outside instead of inside playing online casino.