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Free casino has a place at online casinos

By mr-casino on 2019-04-23 13:44:29

There is not much that you can get for free these days and half the time when something is offered for free there is a catch but not so with free casino games. In the e-gaming world there are plenty of free games around and they exist because they can sell something during play which can be extra lives or weapons or the like. Free casino on the other hand does not sell anything and the best they can hope for is that you like what you see and decide to play for real money. Free casino is a feature of nearly every online casino but the amount of free play time depends on the casino software which is running the casino game. This means that even at the same online casino you may have different free play time at different slots. For example at nobonuscasino you can find casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ which is a NetEnt casino slot where you can play for 30 spins after which a reminder pops up which reminds you that you are playing free casino but the option is there to simply click to carry on playing. If you are playing So Much Sushi™ which is casino slot from Microgaming/Quickfire you can carry on playing free casino indefinitely.

Other casino software suppliers such as Amanet restrict free casino to 20 spins after which you need to click away from the game and come back but your play money will be refreshed. This means that casino slots such as Hot 27™ which is an excellent slot for those who like easy to follow slots are restricted in terms of free spins. Hot 27™ by the way is a three reel slot with only three symbols visible on each reel giving 27 possible ways to win. All 27 ways are covered so symbols anywhere on the reels count towards a win as long as it goes from left to right. The symbols are also simple fruit and bar which are very familiar. The only casino slots which are not available as free play are the progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah Isis™. This is reasonable as playing free casino cannot contribute to the jackpot. Of course casino slots are not the only games at online casinos that can be played for free. All the popular casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack are also available in free play mode. Free casino is used by Irish casino players to try out new games that they are not familiar with such as Baccarat which is played more by players in other European countries and less in the UK and Ireland. The reason for this is not clear but as Ireland has no land based casinos players have not had the exposure to that sort of game and could therefore be reluctant to try it. Baccarat is actually an extremely simple game with only two hands of cards dealt and only three possible bets available. There is no input from the casino player so it is pure luck. Free casino is an excellent way to give Baccarat a go.

Other casino games that could be worth looking at are Caribbean Stud and possibly the dice game of Craps. Because Caribbean stud is a poker game many players are put off immediately as they envisage coming up against a better player and losing all their money. This fear is generated by the televised Poker tournaments but they are playing a totally different format of poker and Caribbean Stud is nothing like that. In fact the only thing that Caribbean stud has in common with Texas Hold’em  (which is the televised game) is that in both games the idea is to form a poker hand of five cards. In Caribbean stud at online casinos you are playing against the dealer only and there is no bluffing or raising. The player sets the stakes at the beginning of each game and that is it for the duration of that deal so the player cannot lose more than they want to risk. If you do decide to play remember that there is an initial ante bet before cards are dealt and that if you decide to play on after you have seen the cards a raise bet is required which is twice the ante bet. This means that if you are willing to risk €15 per deal your ante bet should be no more than €5.

Craps is another casino game where free casino play is an advantage as even fewer Irish casino players understand Craps than understand Caribbean Stud and yet it can be a very exciting game especially in an actual casino. This is because the craps table in an actual casino is double ended and players stand so there are plenty of players all playing at the same time and watching the same two dice. It can get quite noisy. Online casino craps is a much more sedate affair with only one end of the table showing and of course you are the only player. Nevertheless the nature of the game is such that bets are not necessarily settled after one throw of the dice. In fact more often than not additional throws are required which raises the excitement level. This is not the place to go into the rules of Craps especially as it is not the simplest of casino games but with free casino available it is worth checking out. There are simple bets to get you started and once playing you will soon pick up what is happening.

Free casino is played using play money so you will never get rich that way and of course if there is no risk to your hard earned cash the adrenalin levels will never reach the level when playing for real money but all the same there is a definite place for it and hopes that online casinos will continue to offer it.