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Free casino is a great way to try new casino games

By mr-casino on 2013-03-25 09:13:17

One of the great advantages that online casinos have over their land based counterparts is the ability to offer free casino games and nearly all online casinos do but it must be said that some online casinos make free games more difficult to find than others with in our humble opinion All Irish Casino being one of the simplest and BwinParty being one of the most difficult. There are a number of reasons why free casino is played not the least of which is that it can be great fun but probably the reason given by most Irish casino players is that it provides the chance to try out new and different  casino games without risking your cash. There are so many casino games available at an online casino that nobody can know them all and although most casino players would like to try new ones they do not usually feel inclined to lose a lot of money while doing so which is where free casino comes in. Here at we find it particularly useful when we are looking at new online casinos or new games on your behalf and this is especially true for online casino slots where the choice is often well over 100 different games. You may find that not all casino slots are available in the free casino and this is particularly true of those slots where there is a progressive jackpot but some of the less well understood games such as Sic Bo or Caribbean Stud will almost certainly be available as free games. It must be said that playing free casino is not quite the same as risking your own cash and nor is winning at free casino quite as satisfying as having a major win using real money so you will probably switch from play money to real money fairly quickly but in the meantime you may have learned another game.