Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Free casino play enables you to try new casino slots with no risk

By mr-casino on 2017-05-03 15:28:36

Irish casino players always enjoy something that is free but unfortunately some of the online casino bonuses which look as if they are free have strings attached which make it very difficult to get your hands on any of the cash. It is however quite possible to play free casino games at many of the online casinos which are listed by on this site. Some online casinos can make it difficult to find and some even insist that you open an account before you can play free games but All Irish Casino for example has it all set up for you. There is no need to register an account, you can simply go onto the site through these pages and depending on the casino game which you select you can either play free casino for a limited time or indefinitely. There is a limited amount of play money which is available but if you lose the whole pot then simply return to the home page and then return to your chosen casino games and the pot will have been replenished. Free casino has the advantage of allowing you to try new casino games that you might otherwise not try. Nobody wants to lose their money playing a game which they do not totally understand so games such as Baccarat or Caribbean Stud are best played in free casino mode before switching into real money mode. This also applies to many casino slots. An online casino often has literally hundreds of casino slots so for example has more than 800 to choose from. Nobody can be expected to play all 800 but many players only choose one or two which they are familiar with which means they may be missing out on something better.

The best way forward therefore is to switch into free casino mode and simply spend some time looking at various different casino slots to see how you like the graphics and the style of play. If you are an Irish casino player that chases the very large jackpots then your choices are quite limited and you will know the casino slots such as Mega Moolah™ or Mega Moolah ISIS™ which has such jackpots. Even with online casinos such as All Irish Casino which offers free casino play everywhere it is generally not possible to play these massive jackpot games in free play mode. The majority of Irish casino players are not interested in these huge jackpots preferring instead to play at something which entertains whilst giving a good chance of a sizeable win and these will be available in free casino mode. Casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ is proving very popular as it is a little bit different from regular 5 reel casino slots having fifteen independent symbols and a win multiplier which can really crank up the profits. This particular casino slot has a sort of Aztec theme with symbols carved onto blocks of stone. Any winning series of stones explode and are replaced by others while at the same time the win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X which means that if the new blocks also form a winning combination that win is doubled. Subsequent wins move the win multiplier onto 3X and then 5X but the real money is achieved in the free sins mode which at this casino slot is called free falls.

It only needs three free falls symbols starting from the left to trigger 10 free spins and this really is free casino as no additional funds are required once in this mode. Once there the win multiplier starts at 3X as a minimum and rises to 6X, 9X and finally 15X in successive wins so even small wins suddenly become large. It is even possible to win more free falls when in free falls mode this extending your free casino play. Log onto All Irish casino through this site and try this slot for free. If you enjoy that slot there are a couple of others which you also might enjoy and again they are available in free casino mode so you can try them out. The slots in question are Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer 2™ which both work in the same manner and again have the fifteen independent symbols which in this case enables the feature called Sticky Wins™ to operate. In the casino slot Gonzo’s Quest™ winning lines are removed to be replaced by new ones and the wins are added up at the end and paid out but in Jack Hammer™ with Sticky Wins™ all winning symbols are held and all others are spun again to see if the win can be improved which as there are 25 winning lines is quite likely to happen. The process repeats until the win or wins are not improved upon and the highest win is then paid out. Once again although there are good wins to be had in regular play there is a real bonus to reaching free play mode. It takes a minimum of 5 free spins symbols anywhere on the grid to trigger anything from 10 to 30 free spins but the Sticky wins™ feature is in operation so even three symbols will be held while other symbols are replaced so 3 can easily become 5 or more. Once in free spins mode all wins are tripled and of course the Stick Wins™ feature is still in operation.

It is exactly this sort of casino slot that can be experimented with while in free casino mode which is why the feature is offered. Other online casinos that have free casino play as the default mode include, and all of which can be accessed directly from If after trying these casino slots out in free casino mode you want to register and play for real money it is a simple enough process and the last two online casinos mentioned have some interesting alternatives to the one off joining bonus which may also be of interest.