Casino and online casino list for Ireland

There are several different types of casino slots players

By mr-casino on 2017-04-09 16:22:27

Every online casino has a very large range of casino slots often running into the hundreds but everybody has their own favourite. What makes a favourite casino slot can be difficult to define and it depends a lot on what sort of casino slots player you are. The first category is those Irish casino players who are chasing the huge slots jackpots and are willing to plough large amounts of cash into the pursuit of the huge win. These players always bet the maximum amount per line and the maximum number of lines and the slots they play are those that have a progressive jackpot. Most online casinos carry a number of these but probably the best known are Mega Moolah™ and Mega Moolah Isis™ which have the same jackpot pool and are brought to you by the casino software Quickfire which is a Microgaming brand. These are usually the largest jackpots but others include Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ both of which are NetEnt software productions and both of which regularly have jackpots in excess of €1 million. These are literally the all or nothing players for whom a win of a few thousand Euro is merely a means to carry on playing in search of the big one.

Other casino slots can have smaller jackpots and indeed many casino slots have no jackpots at all but that does not mean that large wins cannot be accomplished. Smaller jackpots such as at Divine Fortune™ or Major Millions™ which often run above €100,000 are sufficient for many players at online casinos. All of the above casino slots with jackpots can be found under the jackpots tab at All Irish casino so there is no need to go searching for them all over the place. Other casino slots players are just in it for the fun and although winning is a bonus they are generally not expecting it or chasing it. These casino slots players are looking for fun and excitement and therefore often prefer those casino slots which offer something a little bit different from the regular five reel slots. For this type of casino slots player can recommend a few which might be interesting. Firstly is Gonzo’s Quest which is a casino slot set in darkest Peru where Gonzo is the intrepid explorer searching for treasure. The symbols follow a sort of Aztec theme and are carved onto blocks of stone stacked in five columns of three. There are different winning combinations including wilds and free falls. Free falls are the equivalent of free spins at other casino slots. Apart from Gonzo scratching his beard and sometimes breaking into dance what makes this slot different is that when a winning combination is achieved any blocks forming part of that combination explode. Any blocks that were above the exploding ones drop down to replace them and any missing ones on the top row are replaced. While this is happening a win multiplier ticks over from 1X to 2X which means that any subsequent win achieved by the new block formation pays double. The process of winning blocks exploding and being replaced carries on until no further win is achieved. The win multiplier ticks on to 3X and 5X where it stops and stays until no further win is achieved. All wins are cumulative so with a good run there are good wins to be had. The free falls are however what you really need which are triggered by a minimum of three free fall symbols. Gonzo himself will then escort you to another place where you can play out your 10 free falls. The exploding blocks still apply as does the win multiplier but in this case the win multiplier starts at 3X and moves through 6X and 9X to end up at 15X the win value. It is also possible to win more free falls whilst in free falls mode. This casino slot can also be found at All Irish Casino.

Also for those Irish slots players looking for something a bit different and entertaining there are two very similar slots called Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer2™. These casino slots also have fifteen independently controlled symbols but in this case the slot features what they call Sticky Wins™. In the previously described slot winning symbols were replaced but with Sticky Wins™ the winning symbols are all held and all other symbols are spun again. There is no win multiplier in this case but with just three symbols held and 12 others being spun again there is every chance that the win will be increased. When this happens all the symbols in winning lines are again held and the process repeats again and again until no improvement on the win is made whereupon the highest win or wins as it might be are paid out. Once again it is the free spins which are likely to generate the largest wins as in free spins mode all wins are tripled. A minimum of five free spins will give 10 free spins and 9 or more free spins symbols will give 30 free spins. It might seem unlikely to get 9 free spins symbols but do not forget that with a minimum of three symbols the Sticky Wins™ feature kicks in which can accumulate free spins symbols. Once again these casino slots are using NetEnt casino software and can be found at All Irish Casino.

For a really strange experience and great fun there is a casino slot called Birds on a Wire™ and the only place has found it so far is at where amongst other casino software suppliers they feature Thunderkick™. You may not have heard of Instacasino but it is a correctly licensed and operated online casino which features probably the greatest selection of casino slots around. Birds on a Wire is great fun as it has a system of replacing winning symbols in a similar way to Gonzo’s Quest™ but in this instance the birds are sitting on electric wires and when a win is triggered the power is switched on which causes the birds to burn up in a puff of feathers and soot. This sounds quite gruesome but is in actually fact great entertainment.