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Free casino play is not available everywhere

By mr-casino on 2019-03-06 15:56:00

Whenever something is offered for free, suspicion is the usual reaction so it is not difficult to imagine how people would react if they saw a free casino advertised. Walk in, play any of the casino games and if you win then take your money away. Skepticism would be well placed but online casinos often do offer free casino and the ability to play any of the casino games but unfortunately there is no chance to walk away with any profits as you will only be playing for fun money. Not every online casino is equally helpful in offering free casino as some tend to hide away the option until you have selected a game and are ready to play. There are online casinos that insist that an account is registered before free casino can be played and there are those that do not offer it at all. However, at least two of the top three listed here at not only offer free casino but they have it as the default option when you open the site. These online casinos are Fun Casino and No Bonus Casino and both are more than happy for you to be playing free casino games whether you have an account or not.

These online casinos both use multiple casino software companies and casino games by different software companies have different approaches to playing for free. NetEnt casino games for example can be played for free as long as you want. All you will get is a little pop up every now and then to remind you that you are still in free play mode in case you had forgotten. In others there are limits on how many spins you can play at a casino slot but even that is easy to get round by logging off that particular game by returning to the home page and then opening it up again. The balance of play money will also be refreshed at the same time. Playing free casino is never going to make you rich but there is a lot of fun to be had and it is a very useful way of getting your head round new slots. Clearly there is no absolute need to understand what the winning lines are on a casino slot as the money is paid out automatically anyway but slots are much more fun when the player knows what is going on. It must be said that many casino slots at online casinos have so many winning lines in different patterns that it takes a long time to fully know when you have won or not by which time the machine ha s probably paid out anyway. Nevertheless free casino has a place in every game where you can maybe try a new strategy or even try a new game and there are plenty of those. For those that like to be able to follow what is going on the recommendation has to be an online casino that carries the casino slots from Amanet and amongst those online casinos that do are Fun Casino and No Bonus Casino.

Amanet is a relative newcomer to the world of online casinos but not to the world of casino slots having previously been the manufacturer and producer of many of the slots found in clubs and bars and indeed casinos in other parts of the world. These cabinet style machines have tended to be much simpler than some of the online casino slots which can be found today and that is exactly the selling point of Amanet in the online casino world. These casino slots can be as simple as three reels and one winning line but even if they are 5 reels they often use the fruit and bar symbols of days gone by which are easy to follow. Many more complicated casino slots have patterns of winning lines which make life very difficult to follow but Amanet has a solution to this by offering the casino slot All Ways Fruits™. This is a five reel slot with fruit symbols but a winning line is achieved by matching fruits anywhere on a reel as long as it goes from left to right. This really does make life simple.

Apart from carrying a huge variety of casino slots including those from Amanet, No Bonus Casino has something else worth looking at. The name rather gives away the fact that this online casino does not offer bonuses unlike many online casinos that do. Those online casinos however generally offer bonuses to new players only so it is a one off deal to encourage new players to join. No Bonus Casino on the other hand believes that new players should not do better than existing players who have shown loyalty and therefore do not offer a joining bonus but what they do is offer cash back if you lose. This may sound unlikely but it s nevertheless true. Anybody who makes a deposit into their online casino account and manages to lose it all on the same day is entitled to 10% cash back the very next day. There is no need to claim it, it just happens. Firstly this is excellent because it applies to all players on every deposit so not only new players plus the cash back is not subject to any sort of play through staking requirements that are common in joining bonuses. This means that the cash back is exactly what it says, cash. If you want to have another go playing with it then go ahead but if you would rather withdraw the cash for another time then that is fine too. The choice is entirely yours.

If this appeals then give it a go and don’t forget that free casino is the default mode at this online casino so there is no need to register an account or make a deposit before trying it out but obviously cash back is only available after a deposit has been made and you have played.