Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Online casinos are better than a land based casino

By mr-casino on 2019-02-22 10:02:50

It doesn’t really matter that there are no Irish land casinos as online casinos are far better anyway. The only thing that might be missing is the company and maybe a bit of craic but the choice of casino games and the convenience far outweigh these disadvantages. There are sometimes comments about the random number generators which are used in every online casino but as long as these are regularly tested there is really nothing to wrong and any thought of rigging the result in favour of the casino is nonsense. The point to remember is that the online casino has no need to try to adjust the results as every casino game gives the casino a slight edge so as long as enough people are playing they are always going to win in the end. This does mean by any means that the online casino will always win from every player on every occasion but over time the law of averages says that they will end up on the right side. The same applies to any form of gambling where for example it is accepted that the bookmaker generally ends up ahead of the game in horse racing but that does not stop people from gambling. Similarly at online casinos, the casino game might give the house a slight edge but we all know that winning is possible.

If players really have a hang up with the RNG they can always go the live casino option at any of the online casinos listed at where there are live dealers. The live casino option can be quite interesting for a change of scenery from your regular casino play but the choice of casino games is very limited. The standard games of roulette and blackjack are always there probably with Baccarat or Caribbean Stud but that’s about it. There is generally quite a choice of roulette games and blackjack games although it often comes down to which dealer you like or what stakes you want to play for. Stakes can be very substantial at the live casino option so if you are a high stakes player it might suit you. There is also a chat facility so that you can converse with the dealer although many Irish casino players choose not to.

You may have noticed if you have ever been in a real casino that sometimes winners give a tip to the dealer. This is especially true in the USA where tipping for everything has become the norm. has difficulty in understanding why this should happen. The dealer has had no influence on whether your numbers come up on the roulette wheel or not and they are not performing any special service so why should they get a tip? They are getting paid by the casino for trying to get hold of the customer’s money and besides when did a dealer ever feel sorry for you when you lost and give you some money back? Interestingly enough there is an online casino that does just that and it is called The idea for this online casino comes from the bonus system used by nearly all online casinos to attract new players and they are what are known as deposit matching bonuses. Under this system the online casino will give every new player a bonus which is equivalent to their first ever deposit into their online casino account so if they deposit €100 the casino will give them another €100. This all sounds great but the €100 given by the casino and any winnings from it cannot be withdrawn from the account until certain requirements have been met. These requirements usually stipulate that the bonus money must be staked a number of times (40 seems to be the most popular number) and that only certain casino games will count towards that requirement. Using the example above the new player will need to stake €4000 on slots or video slots before any winnings can be withdrawn. This is of course all designed to give the online casino maximum chance to win back the bonus money before it is ever paid out. The other major problem with this is that it is a one off for new players only.

No Bonus Casino looked at this and decided that there must be a better way which also rewarded existing players as well as new ones and they came up with the idea of cash back. The system is very simple and says that if you make a deposit into your account at No Bonus Casino today and somehow manage to lose it all today then you will get back 10% tomorrow with no questions asked. There are no restrictions on which casino games you can play, all that matters is that you were unfortunate enough to lose the whole deposit. There are also no restrictions placed on the cash back you receive. It is your money immediately so you could use it to carry on playing or you could even withdraw it from your account if you wanted to. This is also not an offer solely for new registrations as it is available to every player on every deposit which to seems like a very attractive proposition.

Another online casino which actually tops the recommended list at called has also recently announced a 10% cash back offer which s believed to work in the same way as at No Bonus Casino and this is on top of a €100 matching deposit offer so this could also be worth looking at. That is not actually the reason why is top of the list but it certainly helps. advertises twice the fun ad it certainly has an enormous range of casino slots brought to you by several of the top casino software suppliers. The casino has been around for a while and is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission so should be worth a look.