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Fund your online casino with PayPal

By mr-casino on 2016-03-07 08:35:48

By being at this site you may well be interested in opening an online casino account hopefully with one of the online casinos listed and one of the questions that you are going to be asked quite early in the process is how you intend to fund your new online casino account. This is not an intrusive question about where the money is coming from but merely asking which of the many possible casino deposit methods you intend to use which range from credit cards to debit cards to various forms of e-wallets. This may not seem important to start with but a wrong decision could cost more in charges than you bargained for although of course every online casino allows you to change your deposit method at any time. One of the most popular casino deposit methods these days is an e-wallet and of those the one that has been around a long time is PayPal which was originally set up to facilitate payments for eBay and was eventually bought by eBay but of course a PayPal account can be used for any internet purchase and that includes online casinos. PayPal casino deposits are quick and easy and have a number of advantages over debit and credit card casino deposits one of which is that your bank details are not disclosed to the supplier. Online casinos are extremely good at keeping customer details safe but the rule still applies that the fewer people that know your details the safer it is. Some Irish casino players may also prefer that their bank does not know about their online casino activity in which case PayPal is a good solution. There is a small charge associated with PayPal casino deposits and it is worth noting that not all online casinos accept PayPal due to the costs which they incur. THs is especially true of the smaller friendlier online casinos such as All Irish Casino.