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Games at an online casino can be played for minimal stakes

By mr-casino on 2011-05-11 12:51:45

Playing at an online casino such as those we feature here at is cheaper than playing at a land based casino because the minimum stake is usually lower. Many casino games at online casinos can be played for very minimal stakes such as roulette which can be played at some online casinos such as Paddy power Casino for as little as 10 cents and slots can usually be played for as little as one cent per line whereas in land based casinos roulette is often played for a minimum stake of €1 and often for a €5 minimum. Of course playing slots at one cent per line is not going to win you a massive progressive jackpot as these normally require you to play at the maximum per line but the machine jackpots pay out at a multiple of the stake per line so the more you stake the more you can win. The online casinos recommended at usually cater for all size of stakes, large and small so that each player can play according to their budget and how lucky they feel but the important thing is to maximise your enjoyment. If your enjoyment is to go for a big win in a short time then your stakes will be high but if your enjoyment is to play for a long time then you will probably keep your stakes fairly small. Another tactic often used is to start small and if you are showing a profit to increase your stake to go for a big win. Your choice of casino game will also depend upon your approach to your gambling as big wins for small stakes can usually only be found in slots whereas with other casino games such as blackjack big wins can only be achieved with large stakes. Whichever way you choose to play we wish you the best of good fortune..