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By mr-casino on 2017-05-07 10:51:52

Online casinos are freely available in Ireland which they are not necessarily in other countries of Europe so in The Netherlands, for example, all land based casinos are state owned under the banner of Holland Casino and they try desperately to control online casinos from outside their borders although this is difficult. The problem is that most online casinos are based in just a handful of countries and if anybody has been watching recent news concerning Brexit you will have seen reports about Gibraltar and Spain. It is not the job of to get into the discussion about that but was interesting is that the online gaming industry in Gibraltar employs more people than the tourist industry. The same can probably be said about Malta which is another online casino centre hosting several online casinos available in Ireland. There is in fact no major Irish casino operating online which is actually based in Ireland. Places such as Malta and Gibraltar have set themselves up as competent licensing authorities and have an attractive tax regime which attracts online operations even of major bookmakers. The UK has tried to put a spanner in the works of low taxation countries by insisting that a point of use tax is paid by the online casinos. What this effectively means is that any profits from players based in the UK are to be taxed by the UK regardless of where the online casino is actually based. To make sure that this happens the UK Government has introduced a UK license without which online casinos cannot operate. This is of course no concern for Irish casino players as Ireland has no similar regulations and anyway it is the online casino that pays the tax not the players.

In Malta it is the Malta Gaming Authority which license online casinos and you will often see the words mga together with half a Maltese Cross at the bottom of an online casinos home page indicating where the license had been issued. A typical example is one of the favourites of and that is All Irish Casino where you will also find the words “Gambling Commission” which is an indication that the online casino is also licensed to operate in the UK. All Irish Casino is particularly liked because it is a friendly online casino which uses simple language and operates with the very good casino software from NetEnt which includes some pretty impressive slots jackpots alongside a handful of casino slots from Microgaming which are the ones carrying the huge progressive jackpots of many millions of Euro. But online casinos are not really about making money, although everybody enjoys it when they do, as there is also the entertainment and enjoyment factor. All Irish Casino attempts to address this side by offering a few casino slots that are a little bit different such as Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer2™. Both of these casino slots operate in a similar way and have a common feature called Sticky Wins™.

The basis of this feature which is only available at casinos carrying NetEnt  casino software is that all fifteen symbols visible on the screen can be operated totally independently of the others. In a more normal 5 reel slot the visible symbols are arranged on 5 reels and although the reels are independent the symbols on those reels are fixed in relation to each other. It is this independence of operation of symbols that enables sticky wins™ to be a feature. What happens in the casino slot Jack Hammer™ is that when a winning line is triggered all symbols in that win are held and all others are spun again. This happens automatically and requires no further investment from the player. If this results in the win being improved by for example one or more identical symbols falling in sequence then the whole process is repeated and repeated until the win is not improved. The highest win per winning line, and there are 25 of them, is paid out. There are also wild symbols to help you along but perhaps the greatest winning opportunity comes in free spins mode. It takes a minimum of 5 freespins symbols to trigger the free spins but remember that the Sticky Wins™ feature also applies to free spins so if three are achieved there is an excellent chance of a further two appearing when all other symbols are spun again. More than 5 gives rise to more free spins with anything over 8 symbols  resulting in 30 free spins and what is more is that all wins in free spins mode are tripled. It is amazing how quickly large wins rack up in this stage of the game.

Another casino slot with independent symbols available at casinos such as All Irish Casino that operate NetEnt casino software is Gonzo’s Quest™. Again this is a great slot with Gonzo himself scratching his beard and joining in the fun but this time instead of winning symbols being held they are the ones that are replaced with all others being held. Disappear in this casino slot actually means that they explode as the slot is an Aztec themed one with stone blocks but that makes no difference except for the entertainment value. In the case of Gonzo’s Quest™ however instead of a win being improved it is a new win that can result but there is a win multiplier which moves on to 2X immediately after a win so that a subsequent win is doubled. This win multiplier moves on to 3X and 5X for successive wins. Again it is the free spins mode, which in this slot are called free falls, where the real money is. Three free falls symbols triggers 10 free spins and you will be accompanied by Gonzo to a separate screen where the win multiplier starts at 3X and moves to 6X, 9X and eventually 15X with successive wins. It is clear that even a moderate win when multiplied by 15 can be quite substantial.